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Monkeyface: you rock! From gigs to crochet.

7 Jun

What a night. What a turnout. What music. What tea towels. What generosity. It was such a good gig last night. The sun shone; the people at the venue were lovely; the band were fab and everyone who came was so supportive. Almost £300 was raised for TKOE which is an amazing amount – we are so pleased. Which means we are around £500 into our £3k target for this year. 🙂 🙂

We’ve got a great long roll call of thank yous, so here goes:

Monkeyface themselves, present and past members – Paul Alcock, Julian Avery, Tim Atkins, Paul Hamer, Dave Ganner, Andy Clarke and Ruth Troughton;

Dave Draper of Tower Studios – Producer and Engineer;

Tim and Mandy Pellatt at CordialAV who produced and edited the video and also did the press comms;

Darren Sawyer for being the official photographer – can’t wait to see the shots;

Everyone at SevernFM who have been pushing the single, and continue to do so;

The Citizen and the Echo for promoting the gig, single and video;

The Wheatsheaf, Leckhampton for being such a good place to hold the gig;

Lucy and Jane Henderson for putting Paul in contact with us;

Mike Arnold, chief TKOE elf for designing the artwork and doing all the tricky webstuffy things, and making it look easy;

Rosie for giving us all the inspiration to carry on.

We’d especially like to thank Paul Alcock for approaching us with the idea, putting so much into this, sticking with us when we were going through tricky times and couldn’t really think about nice things, and generally being a brilliant person. This has really been a knock on effect in action, just like Rosie wanted it to be.

Next thing then is to get those singles sales going. Our new best friend in America, Barbie, is on the case for the digital distribution so we’re just waiting, waiting , waiting for this to reach the top of the iTunes queue, plus Amazon and all the others. Once it does, we’ll let you know. And then we want to see if we can get 1,000 downloads. Cos we like setting targets. Because all of you are really good at beating targets. 🙂 Thanks to those of you who have already downloaded from the CDBaby site.

So, while we’re waiting, and  Monkeyface are having a week off to recover (it’s the rock and roll lifestyle, you see), is there anyone reading this who can crochet? I’ve got a bit of a TKOE experiment that I need a small bit of help with.

Jo xx


You coming to the Monkeyface gig tomorrow?

5 Jun

It’ll be a good night out in Cheltenham and all for a brilliant cause. So come along. Pleeeeassse. 🙂 🙂

In other news, you should be able to download from iTunes and Amazon very soon indeed. In my music distributer guise I have been liaising with a digital inspector in the US of A called Barbie – yes, this is true – and I have just had to approve the full digital release. I felt very powerful for a moment. 🙂

Thank you for all the comments on the song and the video. It means a lot.

Jo xx

Monkeyface gig and our first ever song for TKOE

31 May

Hello hello

I was so excited a few days ago, I realise I didn’t properly explain what was going on. So unless you follow the blog avidly, you’d have been a bit confused. I know this, because people have said.

Soooo… to explain from the beginning.

A song in memory of Rosie

A cousin of the mum of a friend of Rosie’s – it’s ok, it doesn’t get more complicated than that – approached us ages and ages ago. He’s called Paul, and he’s the singer in a local band called Monkeyface. You can find them on Facebook – just go onto Facebook and search for Monkeyface. He and the band were really interested in releasing a charity single, to raise money for The Knock on Effect. So, with the help of some amazing people, the band recorded a song, called You’re Amazing. Chief Designer Mike did a design for it. And another group of lovely people did a video. If you look on the blog, you can see the link to buy the song, which  is available for download now at CDBaby (it’s just making it’s way through the gnomes at iTunes, Amazon and so on, so will be available through all those avenues too) Every penny raised goes to TKOE. Which is fantastic. And incredibly generous.

In case you can’t see the sidebar with the details on, you can get it from here:  You’re Amazing by Monkeyface at CDBaby

The gig

To launch the single, Monkeyface are playing a gig – their first one for a couple of years – at The Wheatsheaf, 283 Old Bath Road, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, GL53 9AJ. The link to the event and venue is on the blog page, next to this post. Just click the monkey. 🙂 🙂

It’s on Saturday 6th June 7.30-11.00pm and tickets cost an amazingly good value of £3.00 on the door. There will be some TKOE goodies to go with the tickets, as well. Which can’t be bad.

So, all you local TKOE supporters, it would be fabulous to see you there, so we can raise more money for this year’s TKOE charities, Hope Support Services and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

You know, there are so many kind people in the world.

Jo xx

Guest blog, guest blog – thankyou @EarlMortimer and Tilly

10 Jul

Earl Mortimer College has always been a place in which both students and teachers actively try to help those outside of the College with the intention of demonstrating that the wider community and their needs are just as important as our own. Whether it be a Macmillan Coffee Morning, a Children In Need cake sale or a non-uniform “Feel Good Friday”, we always manage to dig deep and pull it out of the bag to raise vast amounts of money for amazing causes. This year alone, we have been able to raise thousands of pounds in order to help the sick, the vulnerable, the elderly, and many other groups in society, both at home and in faraway places, to get the all-important care and devotion to all of those who are not as lucky as ourselves. With the end of the academic year fast approaching, the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural group had one last, very hard decision to make before kicking off their SMSC boots for the summer… what was the last “feel good” fundraiser of the year going to be in aid of?

After careful research and deliberation, the group came across the story of local girl Rosie Kilburn, who sadly died of cancer, and decided that her organisation, The Knock on Effect, was the worthy cause they were looking for after being inspired by Rosie’s attitude and strength throughout the tribulations she had to face in her life. However, her story is not one of doom and gloom as you may be thinking. Rosie was a fighter, determined to not only combat her illness, but to help others deal with cancer and its effects in the process. She was definitely not a victim of her disease, and she wanted to get rid of the horrid taboo surrounding ‘the big C’ and rather concentrate on the bigger picture; what people could do to help.

Rosie’s mother, Jo Davidson, was our guest speaker at the 2014 Annual Academic Awards evening earlier in the year and shared precious memories of her daughter with many of our students and their families during her speech. This has given us a real insight into the kind of person Rosie was and as a result, many students possess the same admiration for Rosie as the SMSC team do already!

After losing her battle to the disease, The Knock on Effect lives on as an independent organisation in dedication to Rosie and her efforts. It continues to deliver the help others may need to come to terms with their illnesses and encourage progression, rather than ignoring the problem and locking themselves away from the outside world. The Knock on Effect acts on Rosie’s behalf to organise fundraisers to carry on her work, and EMC are proud to say that we are able to take part in fundraising for The Knock on Effect on Friday 11th July.

Students will focus on the wide theme of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of America and all lessons will be tailored according to this. Cakes will be available to purchase during breaktime and lunchtime on the Friday and there will be an all-American themed lunch in the canteen to accompany this. Furthermore, students can enjoy a round of Extreme Golf on the field, participation will be encouraged and all proceeds will go to The Knock on Effect.

Naturally, there is a US-themed clothing policy that will be enforced for one day only; EMC students have been asked to take advantage of this and dress to impress in all their American themed finery!

External competitions, such a designing a logo or art piece to be used by The Knock on Effect, will be running in conjunction with events at College. The best entries will be shortlisted, and given to Rosie’s organisation to be used on merchandise, such as T-shirts and mugs. They will also be used to auction off later in the year in a bid to raise even more money and enable The Knock on Effect to carry on the terrific work they do.

The SMSC group have high hopes for the drop down day, and are urging all students to get behind it to make Friday 11th a massive success and raise awareness for this local organisation. When I asked Miss Anderson (who is head of the SMSC group) about this day she said:

“I am really excited about this. The students will get to experience exciting lessons and learn about a different culture. It is also a fantastic opportunity for them to engage with each other and strengthen the bonds here at EMC. I am really proud that so many students have thought about why we are doing this and the impact it will have on helping others. The students really took to Rosie’s story and were inspired by her determination and humble nature. This day is about celebrating her achievements and pushing others to break the taboo surrounding illnesses such as cancer. Days like this encourage community spirit and that is something that this College is full of!”

I was really excited when Miss Anderson asked me to write this blog! I hope that by seeing what we have done here at EMC other colleges will be encouraged to fundraise more and help their local organisations help the community. BE INSPIRED, I was!

Tilly Stanik (Year 12)

Three things

23 Feb


TKOE has two things and a question for you today.

The first is this:



Yay to Amy. That is fantastic, and takes TKOE related fundraising to over £8k last year 🙂 🙂

The second thing is this:



One of our TKOE donations winging its way to Beth’s Wish. 🙂 🙂 Yay!!!

And the question. The TKOE elves are going to give the website and blog a bit of a revamp. What would you like to see? Don’t be shy about giving feedback. It’s hard to step back and see things clearly sometimes, so all thoughts will help.

Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

Jo xx

Hey. Guess what

15 Jan

 You know how some of you use Twitter and Facebook? Well you’ll know what I’m about to tell you. I know though there’s a fair few of you who don’t use them. And I suddenly realised, when I was picking up a lettuce tonight, that you might not know the latest bit of news. I’ve never found lettuces a good thought provider before, but I was grateful that this one was.

Because it’s pretty epic really. (The news, not the lettuce. That was just ordinary)

Did you know, that when you add up all the money you have raised through the inaugural art auction; the TKOE sales, the zumbathons, the Rocks for Rosie, the baby land snail sales, all the other fundraising you’ve done, and all the Race for Life stuff and direct donations, then you’ve raised around about £45,000.


That’s a rate of £850 per month.

That is astounding.

And then if you think that you’ve donated at least 60 units of blood now, you’ve saved or extended the lives of at least 60 people.

Just amazing. You are truly brilliant.

Here’s a celebratory photo Chris just unearthed.


Jo xx







3 Jan

So, Rosie would be 22 today. We’ve got some flowers to take down to her and then we’re going out for a nice meal tonight somewhere in Brussels. If we get there in all this water. It is easier to be away somehow. We’re missing her a lot at the moment, but I guess that’s to be expected at this time of year.

She’d have been very very proud of all of you. Although there’s still a little bit more money to come in, TKOE has raised a further £7,500 this year. That’s seven thousand, five hundred pounds. YAY!! and YAY again!!!

And that’s without what people have raised for Race for Life this year, because I didn’t write all those down this time. I think I was going through a very sad spell in the middle of the year.

You’ve done it through all sorts of things again – African land snail breeding; jewellery, wedding favours, designing several new TKOE shop lines, running, walking, knitting, sewing, donations instead of birthday presents, donations instead of Christmas cards, regular giving, surprise, out of the blue donations, card selling, all sorts really. I still haven’t finished the roll of honour from last year, so I must get that up so everyone can see their name in lights.

When I was at QE yesterday, it was brilliant to be able to tell Vicky about TKOE and what all of you do. Because TKOE only exists because of the things that you say and the things that you do. And we cannot thank you enough.

We have been supporting three charities this year – Beth’s Wish, Hope Support and The Young Person’s Unit at QE Hospital. So they will each get £2,500. It’s really good that Beth’s Wish have made their target of £100k for teenage facilities at St Michael’s Hospice, so we are really proud that we’ve helped them achieve such a brilliant target.

So, you’ve done it again. I wonder what 2014 will hold? Well, we’ll be back with some thoughts next week. Meanwhile, here’s some more pictures of our beautiful girl, on today, her birthday:

Jo xx


7 Aug

A nice thing to end the day with…what am I saying, a FANTASTIC thing to end the day with. If you are on Twitter, get this hashtag trending #copingwiththeBigC


And the brilliant Dave Kirkwood will draw you as part of his micro flash mob for a picture which is going into the 3hundredand65 auction for Teenage Cancer later in the year.


No idea what I’m talking about? Well, I can’t help you Twitter non-users although it is dead easy and you only have to use it for this purpose if you want. 


And here is what a micro flash mob looks like 🙂 🙂


And Dave is trying to fill a whole A3 sheet. 

Fantastic idea. And it’s not often you can say that about the big C, is it?


Jo xx

Announcement: 2013 TKOE Challenge

9 Jan

Hello hello.

So you all enjoyed the news about smashing the TKOE target then?? It’s just fab, isn’t it??

Soooooo, now’s the time to announce what we think 2013 is about. We’ve thought long and hard, and sounded out a few people, all of whom thought this was a good one, so see what you think . . . . . .

The TKOE 2013 challenge is

Break a Record for Rosie

The deal is,  anyone who wants to raise money for TKOE or the charities we’re supporting this year (more of that in a minute) just has to do it by breaking some sort of record and raising or donating some money in the process. Oh, and having some kind of relationship to the number 21. In honour of Rosie’s 21st birthday. Oh, and telling us about it.

Not a world record, or anything like that – unless you want to. Oh yes, we’re actively encouraging that as well.

What we’re talking about is any sort of personal thing – you know, the sort of thing you’ve always thought you’d like to do, but have always decided you haven’t got the time for, courage for, skill for, etc, etc, etc, and somehow use that to raise money to donate.

We got the idea from the things which people did last year. And from deciding we couldn’t just set a £21k target. And from Rosie herself, and the way she found herself doing all sorts of things she’d never have done if that cancer thing hadn’t introduced itself into our lives.

We haven’t set a financial target this time – unless you think we should? But obviously we’ll be reporting the totals. And we want to know what people are doing and have pictures if we can. And it really can be anything at all. In fact, we have the first three and the first lot of donations for 2013.

Record no. 1 is …..the Record for Rosie, which MonkeyFace have done for Rosie’s 21st(I know that’s not really breaking a record, but it’s their first time of doing it in this way to raise money and all sales once we’ve sorted the means of selling it will raise money for TKOE)

And record no. 2 is …. Thom who has signed up with the Guiness Book of Records to try to beat the world non-stop drumming record, and raise money for TKOE. Nope, no idea why, but it’s a brilliant idea. And we’ll let him off the link with 21.

And record no.3 is …… a shy person who doesn’t want to be named, who is trying to lose their personal record of 21lb in weight and will donate £10 for every pound lost.

So, that’s a starter for us – 3 already!!! I wonder how many we can get up to?

Now, our current running total is, astoundingly,£225 from donations for Rosie’s birthday.

The charities

So, who are we raising money for – well this year we are supporting:

Hope Support  – Rosie’s favourite charity

Beth’s Wish – a very new charity which is raising money for a young persons facility at the St Michael’s Hospice in Hereford. You remember, the place where Rosie loved the people but absolutely HATED the building. So we know she’d totally approve of this one. And what if that started a stream of facilities throughout the country . . .

The Young Person’s Unit at Birmingham YPU – because of the immediate benefit young people and their families get from donations.

And we’ll count any more Running for Rosie for Cancer Research as well.

More info on those organisations in a bit. Meanwhile –

What do you think? Really, what do you think?

And what records are you going to break or make?

Oh, that means us as well doesn’t it. Better go and think hard on that one . . .

Jo xx

Oh! And we are keeping the bloodometer running too. I got the first one in for Rosie’s birthday. Except it went wrong so only a partial donation was collected. So our start for 2013 is 0.33. Or should that be 1/3. I don’t know. It was a mechanical failure, nothing to do with me and my blood. But I had a MASSIVE bruise. On both arms.