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You coming to the Monkeyface gig tomorrow?

5 Jun

It’ll be a good night out in Cheltenham and all for a brilliant cause. So come along. Pleeeeassse. 🙂 🙂

In other news, you should be able to download from iTunes and Amazon very soon indeed. In my music distributer guise I have been liaising with a digital inspector in the US of A called Barbie – yes, this is true – and I have just had to approve the full digital release. I felt very powerful for a moment. 🙂

Thank you for all the comments on the song and the video. It means a lot.

Jo xx


Good evening

10 Nov

How are you all? Getting ready for Christmas? Oops there’s another elf gone. That’s what happens when you mention the C word before December.

Do you think it is a strange thing to be pondering that on Tuesday, Cal will become older than Rosie? Just wondering.

Just wondering.

Jo xx


12 Oct

Sophisticated. That’s what we are. Breakfast this morning in Cheltenham, which is a sophisticated kind of place. But it wasn’t an ordinary breakfast. It was with Mark Watson, Evie Wyld and Roddie Doyle, in a glittery Spiegeltent. And they were talking about writing. Which is always interesting. This plus a little light shopping which you HAVE to do in Cheltenham, cheered me up no end.

Cos it’s been a bit sad lately. Dark mornings, dark evenings, strangely quiet house. And last night we went to see Sunshine on Leith, which is good fun and stars Edinburgh, which just looks fabulous. And there were lots of 20 somethings enjoying their lives, which set me off thinking sad things about Rosie. Which was a stupid place and time to do that. But I suppose you never know where and when it is going to creep up on you.


A aargh. The TKOE dog just jumped on me at speed with muddy paws. I am filthy, the laptop has mud splattered on the screen, the cushion has streaks of gloop. Why do we even have a dog? How do we even have one?

anyway, where was I – so yes, last night was sad, but today it’s okay again.

Now, TKOE needs your help. Rosie’s friend Corrine has designed our 2013 Christmas tea towel and we can’t decide which one to get her to develop. So, do you like the kettle, the mixer or the pot?



Which one?

Jo xx

Knock on Effecting

27 Apr

I wasn’t expecting yesterday to carry on as it did when I wrote the blog.

Rosie was pretty much filling up our minds as we left the YPU yesterday. The trickiest bit was passing the room where she’d got her ‘terminal’ diagnosis and, for some reason, seeing the clock tower which was, I suppose, the iconic symbol of yet another bad news visit to QE. On the other hand, and far outweighing the bad feelings, it was brilliant to see people again and to see how the YPU is doing.

Anyway, on the way home, as I was idly looking at Twitter, there was a Tweet from our friends at Hope Support about a 19 year old called William Henderson, who comes from Gloucestershire, who is doing a skydive for McMillan.

So had a bit of a wander over to his Twitter and followed the link. And found this brilliant person, Cal’s age, who’s set up this http://ourmichelle.co.uk/

What a star he is. So Chris, Cal, Sylv, Rosie and I have helped him a bit with his fundraising – it would be good if you can put a shout out for him too. And…..he’s written a bit about Rosie and he’s going to wear a TKOE tshirt with pride on his skydive.

See, knock on effects in action. 🙂 🙂

Jo xx