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26 and 1 day

4 Jan

I couldn’t find the words to write yesterday on Rosie’s 26th birthday. I woke up fine but then as the day went on, it was all a bit up and down. We’ve not gone away this year, for various reasons, so Chris and I decided to go and be a bit touristy and went to an art gallery/museum. Rosie liked a good gallery. Poor Sylv is ill, but had to work. Cal was off doing something or other – it turned out he’d ripped his only pair of non-jeans trousers so had to go and buy a new pair.

She’d have been 26 years old. So strange to have a child that old, because 26 is proper grown up and adulty. I wonder how she’d have celebrated.  Here she is, anyway :). Happy birthday, our beautiful girl.

In honour of Rosie’s birthday, TKOE is going to be making some donations again. We’re just waiting for a couple of Christmas donations to come through and then we’ll let you know who and what. It’s fabulous that people are still raising money through TKOE. We can’t thank you enough. It all goes to organisations that help friends and family of people who have cancer and other life limiting illnesses.

We’ve been wondering about keeping TKOE going or not – it’s a difficult decision to make. It won’t be finishing this year though because in the birthday gloom, a fundraising and getting fit plan has come together. Which makes sense, because on Feb 1st it will be 10 years since Rosie was diagnosed.

So, what’s the plan – there’s a brilliant scheme called Walk 1000 miles. You can have a look here https://walk1000miles.co.uk

What we’re going to do, is join this and for every mile we walk, we’re going to put some money in a pot. Say 20p a mile but it could be less, it could be more. For TKOE. That would be £200 by the end of the year. And if the walk is particularly easy or hard, we might alter the amount we put in the pot.  How fab is that??? And if you do it every day, it’s only 2.74 miles a day. Which is EASY.

And you can use any sort of pot and pay any sort of mileage. Here’s two pots which started today

So, who’s in? If you are, let us know as it would be brilliant to know who is doing it and raising money for TKOE. And if you’d like a TKOE t shirt, let us know and we’ll send you one :). For free. To say thank you.

And that, is all …. for now. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Jo xx


Back from holiday

3 Aug

Um, ok, been a bit quiet on here for a couple of months. A couple of months….I’m not quite sure how that happened. Partly it was to do with tech problems – wifi, computer running slow, phone playing up. All the various devices which can be used one by one went through hissy fits.

And then it was being busy.

And then it was our holiday.

But we’re back now. And fighting fit. And so we should be – Cal, Chris and I have just canoed 70 km along the Dordogne river, interspersed with lots of walking and food and drink. So despite being probably the most active holiday we’ve ever had as well as being great fun, we’ve also probably consumed the most calories ever. Meanwhile, Sylv sunned herself in Dubai. Because it was hot.

I’m just gathering thoughts for how to raise another £1500 for TKOE to mark 5 years in Sept and also because that way TKOE and Team Kilburn will have raised £50k. So in these hazy restful days of summer, have you got anything to suggest??

Because cancer carries on and people carry on needing help and support. 🙂 🙂

It’s good to be back.

Jo xx

Monkeyface gig and our first ever song for TKOE

31 May

Hello hello

I was so excited a few days ago, I realise I didn’t properly explain what was going on. So unless you follow the blog avidly, you’d have been a bit confused. I know this, because people have said.

Soooo… to explain from the beginning.

A song in memory of Rosie

A cousin of the mum of a friend of Rosie’s – it’s ok, it doesn’t get more complicated than that – approached us ages and ages ago. He’s called Paul, and he’s the singer in a local band called Monkeyface. You can find them on Facebook – just go onto Facebook and search for Monkeyface. He and the band were really interested in releasing a charity single, to raise money for The Knock on Effect. So, with the help of some amazing people, the band recorded a song, called You’re Amazing. Chief Designer Mike did a design for it. And another group of lovely people did a video. If you look on the blog, you can see the link to buy the song, which  is available for download now at CDBaby (it’s just making it’s way through the gnomes at iTunes, Amazon and so on, so will be available through all those avenues too) Every penny raised goes to TKOE. Which is fantastic. And incredibly generous.

In case you can’t see the sidebar with the details on, you can get it from here:  You’re Amazing by Monkeyface at CDBaby

The gig

To launch the single, Monkeyface are playing a gig – their first one for a couple of years – at The Wheatsheaf, 283 Old Bath Road, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, GL53 9AJ. The link to the event and venue is on the blog page, next to this post. Just click the monkey. 🙂 🙂

It’s on Saturday 6th June 7.30-11.00pm and tickets cost an amazingly good value of £3.00 on the door. There will be some TKOE goodies to go with the tickets, as well. Which can’t be bad.

So, all you local TKOE supporters, it would be fabulous to see you there, so we can raise more money for this year’s TKOE charities, Hope Support Services and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

You know, there are so many kind people in the world.

Jo xx

Let’s partaayyyy.

7 Mar

Today is Cal’s big party day. He was 21 on Tuesday – we are not entirely sure what he had for his birthday as he read out his cards to us over the phone but was vague about presents. So, thank you to everyone who got him one. Whatever it was.

this evening he’s boogying on down at the Minehead Social Club with all his friends – and a TV crew. Yes, he’s part of a documentary being filmed at Foxes. He’s kept this pretty quiet and is clearly unfazed by it.

We aren’t there – he’d rather spend time with his friends, as any self respecting 21 year old would, so if it ends up in the final cut, we’ll all get to see it.

He also seems to be Capt Hook in the next production. He’s been practising his evil laugh. It’s pretty scary.

We’ve been deep in geography revision these past couple of weeks. I think we should get a virtual GCSE certificate, Chris and I. I didn’t do geography, so I have genuinely learned new things about Mexico, Malawi and Cornwall. I’ve asked so many questions, I even muddled myself at work and tried to tell a group of people about an interesting local fact, until I remembered it actually related to Brazil. And this was just a mock…..

A HUGE thank you is due too, to Michelle and Steve for their £14 in coppers. TKOE is very lucky to have you as supporters.

We’ve got a surprise coming up very soon – can’t wait to tell you :). I’m sure you’ll like it 🙂 😀

Jo xx

@EarlMortimer from @knockoneffect – you are all fabulous. Thank you :)

22 Sep

Chris here. Don’t worry, Jo’s fine; it’s just my turn! I normally leave her to do the public- facing TKOE work. She’s better with words. And people. And stuff generally. I mostly carry boxes and go to the post office. It’s better that way. Not that we don’t share the same sentiments – she just says it better.

Anyway, today TKOE was invited to meet the wonderful young people of Earl Mortimer School in Leominster. They’d heard Jo speak about Rosie, grabbed the message with both hands and started fundraising. The SMSC group organised an American day, charged other students to come to school and sold them cakes, raising a fabulous £440 for us. Not only that, but they invited me to school to meet them, gave me lunch, provided some very useful market research, asked intelligent questions and had run a ‘make a design for TKOE’ competition which yielded some brilliant designs for future products. Impressively, I then forgot to bring the designs back with me, but that will be sorted out (probably by Jo. Hmm). I then had the pleasure of being interviewed for the school radio station by Tilly and Demi, two rising young broadcasting stars in the making. (You know Tilly – she did a guest blog, and she’ll be doing another soon, so look out for it). Their professionalism shone through even when they were let down by the technology. They got it sorted in the end and as soon as we get it we’ll post a link so you can listen to my adenoidal tones as I burble nonsense in response to their carefully crafted questions.

The fundraising is wonderful, but what’s also brilliant is that the young people I met today were inspired by Rosie, three years after she died, to put in what must have been loads of work for the benefit of people they don’t know, and will never meet. Young people today, eh?

So thanks, Earl Mortimer School: Adrian and Kelly and Tilly and Demi and everyone in the SMSC group. It was lovely to meet you all.


We’re back, we’re back

2 Jun

Hello!! That was an unexpected break in blogging. That’s the longest the TKOE blog has been offline for 5 years. Have you missed us?? We’ve missed you.

Work was just crazily busy and overwhelming for a whole month which had an impact on the whole family. Then last week was a week of recuperation and relaxation with family and friends. And there was no physical time for any TKOE activity at all. Just nothing. Not to mention no spare mental space to string more than two words together.

Whilst that was going on, Cal has defied all expectations by doing well enough in his NVQ housekeeping at Foxes to be highly likely to be able to do additional NVQ modules in another discipline. So he’s back there for his third – and final 😦 – year in September. And then the really difficult bit comes – what is he going to do??

He airily texted Chris to tell him he’d had a blood test. Just a regular check up and he’d told the doctor ‘ow’. We’re not entirely sure if it was him having one or he was reporting on someone else. I suppose we ought to find out really. Concerned and responsible parents would.

Two things to report on TKOE – thank you John Paterson for your magnificent donation.

And thank you Hope Support for the lovely picture of the Y Team with the TKOE donation. See how they’ve customised it???? Thank you to all of you for raising the money for them 🙂 🙂


Back later – but not tomorrow because …. It’s my birthday 🙂

Jo xx

Three things

23 Feb


TKOE has two things and a question for you today.

The first is this:



Yay to Amy. That is fantastic, and takes TKOE related fundraising to over £8k last year 🙂 🙂

The second thing is this:



One of our TKOE donations winging its way to Beth’s Wish. 🙂 🙂 Yay!!!

And the question. The TKOE elves are going to give the website and blog a bit of a revamp. What would you like to see? Don’t be shy about giving feedback. It’s hard to step back and see things clearly sometimes, so all thoughts will help.

Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

Jo xx

The TKOE Kettle

19 Jan

It’s a lovely sunny day and the TKOE gallery has just taken delivery of the first of the 2014 limited edition working/wearing art series. Chosen by TKOE blog readers I’m very pleased to show off the work of very talented artist Corinne, who has joined our very own Mike Arnold (http://mkrnld.co.uk) as a TKOE designer. Her work is incredibly detailed and intricate and we are very pleased she agreed to do a line for TKOE.

The TKOE elves are just getting this into the web shop and then you’ll be able to buy a really high quality piece of work by an up and coming artist for only £5 and be able to dry your washing up too 🙂 as with all our things this is limited edition only. And everything bar the bare materials goes to organisations who support the families and friends of people with life limiting illnesses.

So here’s an inexpert picture of a lovely piece of art.

Thank you Corinne.


Jo xx



What a week

2 Dec

I know, I know. Totally unreliable. I said I’d be back last weekend and then I wasn’t. No reason, just busyness. (Is business called that because of busyness?)

There’s been some wild things happening too last week. In date order:

A TKOE elf was ill. They are never ill. So new tea towel slightly delayed but is about to get back on track.

We’ve been approached about Rosie’s story being told nationally. Will find out more to see what we think in a couple of week’s time.

Beth’s Wish, who we are raising money for this year, to build a young people’s space at the hospice Rosie used very reluctantly, made their target of £100k. Which is amazing and brilliant and so much needed.

Cal had a haircut and asked us what we thought of it. He’s in Minehead. We aren’t. He sent no picture.

And the wonderful Shailly who raised money for TKOE by having his back waxed held a very special first wedding anniversary party with Simran, which was the best fun we’ve had in ages. His dad is an amazing dancer. Really. And it was such a good night.

And we’ve got news of an unusual way to raise awareness of blood donations . How many of you blog readers can knit?

Jo xx

Findings and Givings

17 Nov

So far today, Chris has found 8 small bottles of fruit liqueur in the bottom of his wardrobe, Sylv has found what she has decided is our holiday destination for 2014 and the TKOE dog has had a garden adventure.

The liqueurs are approx 5 years old. They were hidden there as a Christmas present. They have gently split and seeped liqueur into the wardrobe. They are sitting now in a sticky, trembling mass on the draining board whilst we decide whether to risk drinking any of them. Or flush out the drains.

Sylvie has decided the place she most wants to go to is Fiji. Yes, that’s right, Fiji. We’ll be lucky with Cornwall. 

The dog. Yes, the dog. She has just led me proudly to a skull. not a rat, bird, mouse or rabbit skull. Not even a cat skull. Bigger. Much bigger. Let’s say I had a flash of an afternoon spent with the police, watching one of those crime scene gazebos go up. Having consulted the I-Spy Book of Skull Recognition (some of you will remember those), we have decided it is a sheep skull. 

I don’t know why we have a sheep skull in the garden. But we do. The TKOE dog is very pleased with it.

In far, far better news a mahoosive thank you to all the people at H.Art who have given TKOE £84. You are exceptionally kind. 🙂 🙂

Jo xx