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Guest blog, guest blog – thankyou @EarlMortimer and Tilly

10 Jul

Earl Mortimer College has always been a place in which both students and teachers actively try to help those outside of the College with the intention of demonstrating that the wider community and their needs are just as important as our own. Whether it be a Macmillan Coffee Morning, a Children In Need cake sale or a non-uniform “Feel Good Friday”, we always manage to dig deep and pull it out of the bag to raise vast amounts of money for amazing causes. This year alone, we have been able to raise thousands of pounds in order to help the sick, the vulnerable, the elderly, and many other groups in society, both at home and in faraway places, to get the all-important care and devotion to all of those who are not as lucky as ourselves. With the end of the academic year fast approaching, the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural group had one last, very hard decision to make before kicking off their SMSC boots for the summer… what was the last “feel good” fundraiser of the year going to be in aid of?

After careful research and deliberation, the group came across the story of local girl Rosie Kilburn, who sadly died of cancer, and decided that her organisation, The Knock on Effect, was the worthy cause they were looking for after being inspired by Rosie’s attitude and strength throughout the tribulations she had to face in her life. However, her story is not one of doom and gloom as you may be thinking. Rosie was a fighter, determined to not only combat her illness, but to help others deal with cancer and its effects in the process. She was definitely not a victim of her disease, and she wanted to get rid of the horrid taboo surrounding ‘the big C’ and rather concentrate on the bigger picture; what people could do to help.

Rosie’s mother, Jo Davidson, was our guest speaker at the 2014 Annual Academic Awards evening earlier in the year and shared precious memories of her daughter with many of our students and their families during her speech. This has given us a real insight into the kind of person Rosie was and as a result, many students possess the same admiration for Rosie as the SMSC team do already!

After losing her battle to the disease, The Knock on Effect lives on as an independent organisation in dedication to Rosie and her efforts. It continues to deliver the help others may need to come to terms with their illnesses and encourage progression, rather than ignoring the problem and locking themselves away from the outside world. The Knock on Effect acts on Rosie’s behalf to organise fundraisers to carry on her work, and EMC are proud to say that we are able to take part in fundraising for The Knock on Effect on Friday 11th July.

Students will focus on the wide theme of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of America and all lessons will be tailored according to this. Cakes will be available to purchase during breaktime and lunchtime on the Friday and there will be an all-American themed lunch in the canteen to accompany this. Furthermore, students can enjoy a round of Extreme Golf on the field, participation will be encouraged and all proceeds will go to The Knock on Effect.

Naturally, there is a US-themed clothing policy that will be enforced for one day only; EMC students have been asked to take advantage of this and dress to impress in all their American themed finery!

External competitions, such a designing a logo or art piece to be used by The Knock on Effect, will be running in conjunction with events at College. The best entries will be shortlisted, and given to Rosie’s organisation to be used on merchandise, such as T-shirts and mugs. They will also be used to auction off later in the year in a bid to raise even more money and enable The Knock on Effect to carry on the terrific work they do.

The SMSC group have high hopes for the drop down day, and are urging all students to get behind it to make Friday 11th a massive success and raise awareness for this local organisation. When I asked Miss Anderson (who is head of the SMSC group) about this day she said:

“I am really excited about this. The students will get to experience exciting lessons and learn about a different culture. It is also a fantastic opportunity for them to engage with each other and strengthen the bonds here at EMC. I am really proud that so many students have thought about why we are doing this and the impact it will have on helping others. The students really took to Rosie’s story and were inspired by her determination and humble nature. This day is about celebrating her achievements and pushing others to break the taboo surrounding illnesses such as cancer. Days like this encourage community spirit and that is something that this College is full of!”

I was really excited when Miss Anderson asked me to write this blog! I hope that by seeing what we have done here at EMC other colleges will be encouraged to fundraise more and help their local organisations help the community. BE INSPIRED, I was!

Tilly Stanik (Year 12)


Reasons to be cheerful are

3 Jul

1. Paul, a good friend and TKOE supporter has just made his 40th blood donation. OMG!

2. Earl Mortimer School in Leominster is raising money and doing all sorts for TKOE. YAY!!!!

3.TKOE is five years old today. Yes, five years ago tonight many many people crowded into Newent School Hall and raised £12k through the famous art auction. So, as one part of celebrating, here’s what our Rosie had to say the day before:




Nah..Its okay – It’ll be fine yeah? Omg..


Coming to tonights preview night? 4-8pm in Newent Community Schools main hall 🙂 Be there. And tomorrow 4pm start with the auction starting at 7:30pm.



and the day after


Well done and thank you to everyone who helped to make yesturday night so awesomeee 🙂

We’re in the process of sorting out the silent auction bids etcetc but mum added up the monies earlier and (when all the money has been collected) the grand total so far is:














I’ll write a more detailed post tomorrow or summin 🙂

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lovely to read her words.

Thank you to everyone for those last five years. What a time we’ve all had 🙂

Jo xx

Sunshiny days

22 Jun

Don’t you just feel so much better when the sun shines? I’ve just come back from a fab 24 hours in Hebden Bridge made all the more special by the weather. And the midges. I can’t remember the last time I was in a midge attack. Chris was left home alone. He claims he had a party, but if he did he’s cleared up remarkably well.

TKOE has had news from a school which wants to raise money for us. So we’ve said yes. Of course. People are so generous, and still inspired by Rosie. Someone else has read her blog from end to end and was overwhelmed by it. It’s also Race for Life season now. Yay to Belle Bailey for doing 10k today in Rosie’s memory 🙂 :).

Brilliant news on Friday on the university results front. Emily, one of Rosie’s friends got a 2:1 and Amy, special Amy, only went and got a First. Special times for both of you. Well done!!!

Jo xx

Calum is 20

3 Mar

“I am no longer a teenager mum.”

This was Cal’s grave announcement when we went to see him on Saturday for his birthday – which is today. Along with his uncle, and Corinne, Rosie’s friend and TKOE designer.

So happy birthday to all of them. Cal is continuing to have a good time. We saw his array of Valentines Day cards. Most turned out to be from him to me or Chris. He did have a proper one from a real girl though. And we had a brilliant time seeing The Lego Movie. Go and see it. It is awesome 🙂

So, here’s the birthday boy






He’s on Minehead Beach just before an enormous pub meal.



Oh, and here’s some indoor blood droplet yarn bombing.


I love the tree.

Jo xx

Three things

23 Feb


TKOE has two things and a question for you today.

The first is this:



Yay to Amy. That is fantastic, and takes TKOE related fundraising to over £8k last year 🙂 🙂

The second thing is this:



One of our TKOE donations winging its way to Beth’s Wish. 🙂 🙂 Yay!!!

And the question. The TKOE elves are going to give the website and blog a bit of a revamp. What would you like to see? Don’t be shy about giving feedback. It’s hard to step back and see things clearly sometimes, so all thoughts will help.

Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

Jo xx

Buy some tea towels – you know you want to

26 Jan

You can buy the kettle tea towels now. Just go along to http://theknockoneffect.co.uk , get into the whole shop and follow the flashing picture.

The TKOE elves have been working very hard! 

Chris is just mending our computer to over and out for now cos you just can’t blog properly via the phone. 


Jo xx

The TKOE Kettle

19 Jan

It’s a lovely sunny day and the TKOE gallery has just taken delivery of the first of the 2014 limited edition working/wearing art series. Chosen by TKOE blog readers I’m very pleased to show off the work of very talented artist Corinne, who has joined our very own Mike Arnold (http://mkrnld.co.uk) as a TKOE designer. Her work is incredibly detailed and intricate and we are very pleased she agreed to do a line for TKOE.

The TKOE elves are just getting this into the web shop and then you’ll be able to buy a really high quality piece of work by an up and coming artist for only £5 and be able to dry your washing up too 🙂 as with all our things this is limited edition only. And everything bar the bare materials goes to organisations who support the families and friends of people with life limiting illnesses.

So here’s an inexpert picture of a lovely piece of art.

Thank you Corinne.


Jo xx



Happy New Year

1 Jan

And a happy new year to all of you. Including all the new blog readers who have joined us over the past few days. We’re very pleased to welcome you into Team Kilburn and The Knock on Effect. Aren’t we, everyone else 🙂 🙂

I’ve been totalling up this year’s fundraising, and will tell you what you’ve all raised on Friday. Because Friday is Rosie’s birthday. I hesitated then about whether the verb was ‘was’. But it’s always going to have been her birthday, so I think ‘is’ is ok. Anyway, she would have been (that is the correct tense) 22, and we are continuing the tradition we started last year of doing a bit of travelling for her birthday. We are going to Brussels on the train for the weekend. Brussels?? Yes. Because… beer, chips, mayonaisse, beer, chocolate, 2km Christmas market, ice sculptures, a comic museum (don’t tell Sylv, please – she has banned us from museums, churches and art galleries), and general being awayness. Oh, and it’s just under two hours from London on Eurostar and we’ve got a nice hotel and time together, all four of us. Last year though, we seemed to go away and then come back having agreed to get a dog.

Talking of new blog readers, we had a lovely email today from Granny Willis. Who is actually 18. Not 81. Despite her name. She heard about TKOE via Ravelry and contacted us because SHE DESIGNED THE BLOOD DROP PATTERNS. If you want to find out more about her work, she does a blog too http://www.grannywillis.wordpress.com and she’s on Facebook too http://www.facebook.com/grannywillis1. She sent us a lovely email – thank you Rebecca 🙂

I didn’t knit last night. I got very tired and went to bed instead. So knitting tonight. I like the idea of many blood drops being created all over the country. It’s very comforting.

Jo xx


31 Dec

Hahahahaha. This happened today:



See the Robert Young Duffy Allan in the middle there? Well he’s my cousin in law and long time TKOE supporter. Here he is:


Now, i have to point out, those are not his hands. He had perfectly ordinary arms and hands last time I saw him 🙂

Very, very well deserved and very exciting. 🙂

Thank you too to everyone who is knitting. Remember, red wool only. That’s how I’m spending New Year. That, and counting up so we can announce TKOE donations on Rosie’s birthday on Friday. And that will be very exciting too. 🙂 :).    Jo xx








Knitted blood donations

24 Dec

ImageOK. Here’s a little game for you to play over Xmas and New Year. You’ll need a ball of red wool and some knitting needles. So let’s hope that’s what Santa brought you. If not, then it’s a good thing to get you out of the house to go and get on 27th. And you’ve only got a very short time to do these. They need to be done by 12th Jan. Well, they have to be with the Blood Transfusion Service by then. So lets say any TKOE ones will be done by Twelfth Night. That’s 6 Jan. And then I can tell you how to send them in.

Now, what you are knitting is a blood drop. For a new year campaign by the Blood Transfusion Service. You’ll need the instructions, won’t you. And this is where I might not be able to post them on here….

As I thought. I can’t. So, two options. Email me at theknockoneffect@live.co.uk and I’ll send them to you. Or comment on here and I’ll send them to you.

It would be brilliant to support the new campaign in memory of Rosie, wouldn’t it 🙂 🙂 I’m going to make some. You can make 2D or 3D ones in small, medium or large. And I’d like pictures for the blog please.

So, here we are then, it’s Christmas Eve. I hope all your puddings are made, your turkeys are stuffed and you are safely wherever you need to be for tomorrow. We’ve had a surprise Christmas donation from the Munro Turner family – thank you very, very much indeed. We’ve taken flowers down to Rosie, washed the TKOE dog and we are just assembling ourselves for massive feast tomorrow.

Thank you once again for all your support of TKOE, and your messages and comments. It means so much to all of us and helps us through what are still difficult times.

Enjoy Xmas and get those knitting instructions ordered! It is said that knitting enables you to lose weight.

Jo xx