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@EarlMortimer from @knockoneffect – you are all fabulous. Thank you :)

22 Sep

Chris here. Don’t worry, Jo’s fine; it’s just my turn! I normally leave her to do the public- facing TKOE work. She’s better with words. And people. And stuff generally. I mostly carry boxes and go to the post office. It’s better that way. Not that we don’t share the same sentiments – she just says it better.

Anyway, today TKOE was invited to meet the wonderful young people of Earl Mortimer School in Leominster. They’d heard Jo speak about Rosie, grabbed the message with both hands and started fundraising. The SMSC group organised an American day, charged other students to come to school and sold them cakes, raising a fabulous £440 for us. Not only that, but they invited me to school to meet them, gave me lunch, provided some very useful market research, asked intelligent questions and had run a ‘make a design for TKOE’ competition which yielded some brilliant designs for future products. Impressively, I then forgot to bring the designs back with me, but that will be sorted out (probably by Jo. Hmm). I then had the pleasure of being interviewed for the school radio station by Tilly and Demi, two rising young broadcasting stars in the making. (You know Tilly – she did a guest blog, and she’ll be doing another soon, so look out for it). Their professionalism shone through even when they were let down by the technology. They got it sorted in the end and as soon as we get it we’ll post a link so you can listen to my adenoidal tones as I burble nonsense in response to their carefully crafted questions.

The fundraising is wonderful, but what’s also brilliant is that the young people I met today were inspired by Rosie, three years after she died, to put in what must have been loads of work for the benefit of people they don’t know, and will never meet. Young people today, eh?

So thanks, Earl Mortimer School: Adrian and Kelly and Tilly and Demi and everyone in the SMSC group. It was lovely to meet you all.