13 Mar

That’s Calum with an ‘l’, not Calum with two ‘ll’s. Thought it was time for a little update.. . . He’s doing BRILLIANTLY. He loves it at Grange Village. He still rings home most evenings, and he is always so happy.

He’s doing work experience at a cafe in Coleford. It sounds pretty busy there, and he’s front of house. Front of house. As in, taking people’s orders. I hope he’s polite when he does it. Sometimes he can be quite brusque. But he’s impressed them with his very neat writing and his ability to make his way round a menu.

When he’s not doing that, he’s on a giddy round of pottery, helping in the cafe in the village, wood work, cleaning his flat bathroom (he never refers to any other room….), various clubs and choirs and dancing, cinema and travel training on the bus.

The only downside for him at the moment is that he may have had another seizure. No one saw it but he had a bump on his head one morning. So we’re waiting to hear what the nice neurologist has to say about that.

And just to show how cool he is, he was in a minor accident on Friday involving the car he was in and a bus.. . (don’t worry, it must have been pretty slow moving). We would never have known, had we not had a phone call to let us know he was ok. He was just intent on telling us where all the best Easter eggs are at the moment. And then when we quizzed him about it, he very impatiently said he was fine and that the trip to A and E (or Andy as he texted it) was just for a precaution. And then he changed the subject.

Love him. Found this picture of him aged about 16, with a not very good picture of Rosie and Toby. With his trampolining cup.


Have a good week.

Jo xx



One Response to “Calum”

  1. mags March 20, 2016 at 6:51 pm #

    Well done Calum…one l.

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