Funerals and birthdays and Mother’s Day

6 Mar


I wonder why we don’t take photos at funerals very often. I ask this because Cal began to at my Auntie Pam’s funeral. That was just before he ate six cakes.

She had a good send off, lots of people, lots of memories, lots of laughing. There was an incredibly generous collection for TKOE at the end – thank you everyone.

Here she is at the start and nearer the end of her long long life with her lovely sisters:

She’s the dark haired little girl (my mum is the other side of baby Auntie Phyl). And then she’s the one second from right with her arms round Auntie Phyl and my Auntie Jack, who died five years ago. And my mum is on the edge again. Why’s she on the edge?

Cal was 22 on Thursday. 22. How? He had a good go at recreating his birthday party epic meal from last year, complete with cocktail sausages and the sophistication of hummous.

And then today my lovely children treated me to a full cooked breakfast at Gloucester Services, chocolates, flowers and a potato. Look:


It could only be improved if it was roasted 😎. And if you’ve never been to Gloucester Services, you should. It is like no services you’ve been to before. Unless you’ve been to Tebay.

Busy week.

Jo xx



One Response to “Funerals and birthdays and Mother’s Day”

  1. celia butler March 8, 2016 at 3:18 pm #

    Never a dull moment with the Kilburn/Davidsons, and we can always rely on you to do something different. And this is different – but good in a wacky way!

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