Inspirational-Part 2

24 Jan

Have been loving the newspaper articles about Alice Running for Rosie and Alice’s own story, this week. Drop into the online edition of the Ross Gazette to see what I mean. (This is not me being lazy by not putting a link in – I’m getting you to exercise your internet search muscles 😉).

I have though got another piece of news. We were contacted by Simona from Vienna last week. She was asking if it would be at all possible to link Rosie’s blog to the new website of the new International Cancer Epigenetic Society which launches next month, as it is so inspiring. Woah!

Chris and I always have a brief or long moment at times like these of wondering if it’s been noticed that Rosie has died, and how do we break the news and do people with cancer or an interest in cancer feel uninspired by the fact that Rosie’s story didn’t end with cures or remissions or anything like that.

But then we realised she had contacted me, rather than Rosie, and that Rosie and we found strength and inspiration from loads of different people’s stories and outcomes. And on top of that is the fact that Rosie’s words are inspiring. So of course we said yes.

Epigenetics is a pretty interesting and looking to be promising approach to cancer, so it’s good to be linked to that too. And we were pretty touched that they asked. Not everyone does.

Go Rosie, eh?

Jo xx



2 Responses to “Inspirational-Part 2”

  1. celia butler February 3, 2016 at 10:36 am #

    Go Rosie indeed. She would be chuffed to be connected with a new venture like this. And her ripples will spread even wider…x

  2. Chloe Taylor-Jones February 5, 2016 at 9:51 am #

    I was reading a book (on nutrition) which mentioned epigenetics, and their potential use in the future for many treatments. This is inspiring news xx

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