Clearing out

10 Jan

Yes, yes, I know everyone is clearing out at this time of year. New year, new start and those sorts of things. We’ve started clearing out too. This is the first house we’ve lived in for more than five years so we’ve not had the enforced clearing out when you move.

On top of that, I have found it almost impossible to clear out things that had some sort of connection with Rosie. Things she touched, that she’d have seen, that sort of thing.

It had though reached the stage where something had to be done. Time is helpful too. There were some boxes which contained a couple of the last things Rosie bought for herself. Sylv had the contents ages ago. I couldn’t get rid of the boxes. Empty boxes, from cheap fairy lights. For goodness sake.

Today though, I could. And inside one of the boxes I found a picture of Chris from when we first met. I don’t know why it was in there or how it got there, but that was a very cute find.

And then, in another pile of things, I found a book which Sylvie had made. It was very funny, with several photos. Including this one. Isn’t it lovely.


Perhaps clearing out is a good thing after all 😀.

Rosie would have gone mad at me for keeping pointless things – and maybe she would have been right. The time needs to be right, that’s all.

Jo xx


2 Responses to “Clearing out”

  1. Audrey Davidson January 13, 2016 at 1:08 pm #

    Love the picture, I had forgotten how cute Sylvie was at that age and our precious girl was her usual lovely self. It’s alright Sylvie you are still cute as far as Grandma is concerned. X.

  2. Hannah Mcdonald January 22, 2016 at 7:49 pm #

    Never seen this photo. Isn’t it lovely. Can understand how you feel about clearing out,but it is amazing what you forget you have and the memories things bring back to you. Have some things connected to Ramsay,rubbish you would say,and I’ll get round to clearing out like you some day, but rubbish can be precious, just like your boxes and photos. Glad you enjoyed your wee holiday. All my best wishes, Xxxx

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