Anne Frank, pancakes and lights for our 24th birthday girl

3 Jan

It doesn’t get any easier, this death thing, you know. So again we decided to celebrate Rosie’s 24th birthday away. This time, it’s Amsterdam.

Cal has been taken by the waffles and the photo opportunities – you can follow him on Instagram if you like looking at pretty amazing food pictures. Look for Cal Kilburn.

Sylv thinks it’s very pretty, smells of dope everywhere and has ridiculous staircases unsuitable for Chris and I.

Today for Rosie’s birthday we set off early for Anne Frank’s House. It is something everyone should go to. It’s almost impossible to believe what happened and throws another light on current atrocities too.

And somehow it was hopeful and reflective.

Given Rosie was a girl who could swing from sombre to joyous in a nanosecond, we followed up with pancakes. Previous Instagram reference applies by now , I should think.

And tonight we are going to The Festival of Light. I think she’d have enjoyed her day.

What was particularly fab about today is that there’s been some pictures of Rosie put on Facebook, a couple of which we’ve not seen before. So, if the technology works, I’ll post them at the end of this to share more widely. If anyone has any other photos of Rosie it would be great to have them. It’s nice to see her in different things.

We’ve also got the great TKOE annual donations to announce but you’ll have to wait a couple of days for that as we’re just waiting for a tally up.

It’s been a lovely day but a tough one. Not as bad as the first couple of years but this is the fifth birthday without her and that suddenly feels a long long time.

Missing her, loving her.

Jo xx


One Response to “Anne Frank, pancakes and lights for our 24th birthday girl”

  1. Lucy n Russ January 8, 2016 at 1:23 pm #

    Love the photos xx

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