#quailquests and Christmas thank yous.

24 Dec

Tired and busy, that’s how we’ve been. Busy with Christmas rush, and Christmas parties and parents evenings and family gatherings and that sort of thing.

Busy with vets for cats, broken fridges and Christmas bugs. That sort of thing as well.

Whilst we’ve been doing that, Cal has been settling into his new home very well indeed. We can tell he’s settled by the way he adopts new phrases. Currently, anything slightly unusual starts with “Good heavens….” As in “Good heavens, look at those floods” as we drove over a river.

He had his EEG yesterday. He’s nearly at the end of the various tests after his fit in the summer. He is a natural hospital visitor. He examined all the wires very carefully and then sat completely still for 20 mins, only doing what the EEG person asked him to do. They both bonded over Sri Lanka and Cal’s 22nd birthday in March.

And whilst that is all happening, people carry on raising money for TKOE. We need a big shout out to Lisa Hardiman and the craft Faye which raised a very tidy £150 for TKOE. And the London Marathon fundraiser is about to go live too. Plus we’ve had donations in Christmas cards. Thank you all so much.

Talking of which, thanks to everyone who mentions Rosie when they contact us. It means an awful lot 😊

We hope you all have a brilliant Christmas this year, whatever you are doing. And thanks for all your support.

Jo, Chris, (Rosie), Cal and Sylvie xx

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