Tom Kilburn

4 Oct

we went to Manchester Uni Open Day yesterday with Sylv. Very interesting, and very good. Even if the medical school had security guards wearing stab vests….

There’s a Kilburn building there, in the shape of a computer chip. Turns out old Tom Kilburn only went and got a Nobel Prize for the first computer. Hope he’s a relative. Chris was a little disappointed it was a homage to computer science. He’d been hoping it was brewing.

Cal’s got the go ahead for the next stage of Grange Village. He’s going for a five day assessment in the next couple of weeks. Scarily exciting.

And last but not least, next year’s London Marathon will have one Alice Hibberd Running for Rosie for TKOE. That’s a TKOE first and we are very grateful to Alice 😀😀😀.

short post today. The sun’s shining.

Jo xx


One Response to “Tom Kilburn”

  1. Kath October 5, 2015 at 1:19 pm #

    Interesting that Tom Kilburn was born in Dewsbury…

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