Us wanderers return

17 Aug

Well hello there. We are back – a bit jet lagged, but happy. We had a brilliant time. Here’s some edited highlights:

Dubai was achingly hot and , to our minds, very odd. A bit like a shopping based Disneyworld. Chris’s passport was declared invalid on arrival so he came close to instant deportation. This was funny, once it was resolved.

Colombo was full of Poya Day celebrations and kites. Many kites. We found the first and only German restaurant.

And then followed two weeks of rattling car journeys; stupendous train journeys into the tea plantations, with seats which you can rotate to face the direction you want to travel in; incredible scenery; beaches, jungles, waterfalls and lakes; toilet frogs, hornets big enough to cast shadows in the sun, bee attacks and monkeys in the garden.

Each day was like living in a zoo – camels walking down the hard shoulder, an elephant and her baby strolling out of a hedge, a leopard standing in the road, and birds and butterflies you think only live in books.

The soundtrack was unreal as well – not just the wildlife, but the constant roaring of tuk tuks, motorbikes, busses and horns. Despite the driving being so apparently random, we saw no accidents all the time we were there.

We also met lovely people, gentle and kind. Including a family who gave us special cakes as an apology for the incredibly large beetle which flew at Sylvie as we were eating tea, causing her to become a form of performance art for passing locals as she tried to escape from it, over me. Or perhaps they were thanking her for drawing a crowd…

Cal was a genius with touts and hawkers. He just loomed over them and brushed past, occasionally holding his hand up. He ate more rice and curry than any one person should be physically capable of.

Delhi was fascinating as well, and we saw the Taj Mahal. We had a tense evening beforehand when we read in the Hindustani Times about the terrorist threat on Independence Day to foreign tourists, big sites, railway stations and hotels. But all was fine. We’d definitely like to see more of India.

If you ever get the chance to go to Sri Lanka, go. It is truly amazing.

Now, it’s back to normal. And yes, Mags, those GCSE results are this Thursday. 🙂

Jo xx


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