10 Apr

Pah! One day back at work and I go down with a hideous migraine/sinus thing. Have just got up at 4.30pm and feel a bit better.

Did you do any eggs for 1MinuteMemory.? We did. If 100,000 people did a one minute sketch and donated a pound, that would raise £100,000. 20 of us did it so we’ve made a bit of a contribution.

i have just been wondering about how you can tell how your life changes by looking at the open tabs on your computer. Mine currently has:

Estate agent in Ledbury to start looking at a flat for Cal as he wants to live their with friends.

How to tell if your dog has a bowel obstruction – she doesn’t. In fact, she is in rude health.

Circle of friends – for Cal again as he’ll need friends to live with and help him, along with us. Us helping him, that is, not us needing help. Although that would be nice.

Agoda – for a hotel booking for the summer. More on that later

Facebook – just because

Polonium ion – no, GCHQ this is not a terrorist outrage. This was to settle a GCSE chemistry dispute with Sylv in my weakened state. She was right. I wasn’t.

I think the only one which would have been there twelve months ago is Facebook.


Jo xx


2 Responses to “Ill”

  1. Kath April 11, 2015 at 7:53 am #

    Don’t local social services help with Cal’s accommodation and support? (Just going by how Joe’s new place was arranged – new build specially for people with extra needs, support company already in place, etc…maybe different in every area?)

  2. celia butler April 11, 2015 at 5:14 pm #

    Hope you’re feeling better today. Exciting times ahead for Cal, it’s great that he’s so clear about what he wants. Have never thought about the tabs thing – will take a look myself now…x

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