Happy Easter – let’s help @1MinuteMemory

4 Apr

Well, that’s been a week of epic spring cleaning. Cal shamed us in to it by getting up early on his first morning home and hoovering hard and long. When we asked why he told us the landing was filthy. He is trained I suppose….

Now, in amidst your chocolates and Easter Egg hunts, could you do a favour for TKOE?? There’s an excellent person, Dave Kirkwood, who is raising money for Alzheimers. His dad died of it last year.

Dave is raising it through donations for 1 minute portraits – and there’s an Easter challenge. Draw a picture of someone – or a selfie- on an egg, send the picture and donate. Here’s one he’s done


https://www.justgiving.com/1MinuteMemory  That’s the JustGiving link which tells you more and where you can donate.

Dave’s raised awareness of TKOE and Cancer charities – it would be brilliant if we could support him too.

Im off to hardboil 20 eggs now – we’ve got a family gathering tomorrow and we’re going to get everyone to do one!

Yay!! And Happy Easter.

Jo xx


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