Fundraising and parties

25 Jan

We love all the ways you all raise money for TKOE :).

Our £3k fundraising challenge for 2015 is gaining pace, and the latest is by Kath, Rosie’s aunt. When we saw her at Christmas she was needling away with a thing. We weren’t entirely sure what sort of thing, and she was very coy about it. Anyway, she was designing something for these cold days. And she’s now raising money by releasing her pattern on Ravelry and asking for donations. For TKOE.

All you knitters out there- the web address is

And it looks like this:


Its its only just been posted and TKOE has £10 so far 🙂 :). Yay!!

Meanwhile, in Minehead, Cals party preparations are going well. He now has 70 people going. Last night he told us he was going along to Foxes Hotel. When we asked him why, his enigmatic response was ‘wait and see’. Turns out, they’d had a party for the students. What a life!

Jo xx


One Response to “Fundraising and parties”

  1. Kath January 26, 2015 at 7:57 am #

    Coy? Oh dear, oh dear. I do hope not…

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