Ciao and 23rd birthdays

3 Jan

So,I’m sitting here in a spot overlooking The Vatican in Rome (obvs), pondering our Rosie’s 23rd birthday.  Our short adventure to here is part of our now grand family tradition of taking ourselves away somewhere to celebrate Rosies birthday. We’ve rented a lovely apartment for a couple of days and in a minute we’re going to stroll to the Coliseum. And we won’t have our photo taken with the gladiators. Because the really lovely people who own the apartment have told us not to.

In the weeks before Rosie died, she did a lot of thank yous. (She did a lot of warning me about things that I’d find under her bed too, which included some cigarettes). One of her thank yous was that we’d taken her to a lot of places. Whilst we are lucky we can afford to do that, it just seemed right to continue the travelling theme. So this year it is Rome.

Cal and Sylv are just getting ready and we’ll spend the day doing touristy things and then having a birthday meal tonight. We’ll have to get chicken in there somewhere, which was her most favourite. Who knows how she’d have spent her actual 23rd, but chicken would have appeared in it.

I woke up at 2.30 this morning (don’t worry, I have been asleep again). She was born at 2.45am so it seemed right to be awake at that time. Just remembering that perfect new baby, with the dimples and the nails so shapely they looked manicured.

The other grand tradition on Rosie’s birthday is to make TKOE donations. TKOE has raised £2,000 this year – THANK YOUUUUUU – so we are going to pay £1k each to Hope Support Services and The Teenage Cancer Trust.

We’re just so humbled by the fundraising which people do on behalf of TKOE, which helps families and friends of people with cancer and other life limiting illnesses. And keeps Rosie’s legacy alive. So thank you to all of you for what you’ve done.

Which brings us to this year. So far, you all have raised £47,000 ( you also raise in convenient round figures, which is helpful). What say you we all aim for a further £3,000 this year, to get TKOE up to £50,000 for Rosie’s 24th? Does that sound like a plan for 2015? We’ll get a totaliser sorted and we want to here all your stories about how you’ve raised it too :). We like stories, a lot.

And we’re going to run the bloodometer again cos blood stocks are a bit low and we know someone who’s just needed a transfusion. So let us know when you give blood, and well done to people – you know who you are- who have faced needle phobias and all sorts to donate.

So, here’s to Rosie’s 23rd birthday, to some TKOE fundraising to get us to £50k, some blood doating and to a lovely weekend.

Oh, and here’s a view of our neighbour’s house.


And one of Rosie for good measure.


Jo xx


4 Responses to “Ciao and 23rd birthdays”

  1. Jonquil January 3, 2015 at 9:02 am #

    Buongiorno, Jo – thinking of you all especially today. Love the idea of making it £50k for 2015. Enjoy Rome.

  2. Mags January 3, 2015 at 11:43 am #

    Buongiorno jo e tua famiglia, glad you’re maintaining the tradition!

  3. scillylover January 3, 2015 at 5:46 pm #

    What a perfect post for Rosie’s special day. She would take that gorgeous hat off to you for the way in which you make it positive. Well done to everyone raising the £2k this year and a definite yes to the £3k target for 2015. Hope you’ve had a great day in Rome and that the pollo is up to standard tonight. x

  4. Lin January 3, 2015 at 9:13 pm #

    vincitore, vincitore, cena di pollo….. :):):)

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