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Deathday 3

12 Sep

Yep, we’re okayish, thank you.

We’ve had some lovely messages from people about Rosie and how she is still inspiring them. One of our favourites is from Annabelle, one of Rosie’s friends, who described a memory she was sharing today, and only then remembered what the day was and she wrote:

‘On a beautiful day I had this great memory and in some way or another see it as her laughing back wherever she is’. Beautiful thought, Annabelle, thank you.

Lots of lovely people have been doing ice bucket challenges for TKOE – thank you Laura, James and Alex C especially.

Strange thoughts about how Rosie would feel about sharing her death day with Donald Sinden (ok, I think, if he died this side of midnight) and Ian Paisley (less sure how that would go down).

The strangest thing of all though is the thought that it’s been 3 years now. Quite often I wonder what differences she’d see if she came home all of a sudden. Thinking that you realise what she’s missed – and understand why some people can’t change bedrooms and so on. But then it still feels so close and current as though it really was only yesterday when we last spoke.

Bit of a set of rambling thoughts on this sad sad day. Here’s another picture of her though, with Cal and Toby. She’s probably blogging 🙂


Jo xx