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5 Jul

Do you ever have times when everything you touch, breaks?

So far in the past 10 days:

I broke the new teapot lid by accidentally sweeping it to the floor when I picked up a piece of crumpled cling film which was secretly stuck to it

I broke a favourite mug which leapt out of the cupboard when I opened the door. It gashed my finger which bled later over the counter in the Thai takeaway, so they had to use their first aid box

I broke another mug by putting a mug next to it. That’s all I did. And it went bang and fell apart. Perhaps they’d not been getting on.

The real reason for popping over here though is to give a big shout out to King James School, Almondbury and Mrs Noble, for all their TKOE fundraising 🙂 THANK YOU!!!

Jo xx


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