29 Jun

This time of year is lovely and sad all at the same time.

Lovely because it’s warm(ish), with light evenings and sun (sometimes). Sad because it will always be connected with Rosie’s last summer. And Race for Life.

This year Sylvie and her friend Shannon are running/jogging/walking three of them so they do 15k. All in memory of Rosie and to raise money to fight liver cancer. So today they were at Cheltenham. Next week it’s Worcester, the week after Hereford. If any of you want to donate, you can do it at

We saw some of Rosie’s friends who have big plans for next year – helllooooo Becky – and we know other friends were there because we’ve seen their pictures. But somehow we missed them. That’s you we’re talking about, Zumba Natalie 🙂

I’d post some pictures but either the WordPress site or my iPad won’t let me. I’m annoyed now.

You been watching Glastonbury , football or tennis?

Jo xx



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