Summer terms

27 Apr

Hello hello. How is everyone?

Cal went back to Foxes yesterday, much to his delight. He chuckles the length of the motorway, both when we take him and when he returns home. He allowed us to help him unpack this time at least. Usually we are packed off out the door again as soon as the last bag is out of the boot. The house seems very quiet without him though. And we’ve got to do our own hoovering again. He likes hoovering, does Cal.

We’ve been busy progressing two TKOE fundraising activities these past few days. We’ll tell you all about them very very soon. Just got to get the last bit of logistics sorted out and then we’re away. This is all in honour of TKOE being 5 years old in July. 5 YEARS!!!

A really really big thank you and YAY 🙂 🙂 to the GRH (at least I think it is the GRH. Dawn???) orthopaedics team for choosing TKOE as their people to support and for already raising £210 through their Easter raffle. Very very happy days. Thanks you.

We also had some brilliant news about the blood drop campaign this week too. All you TKOE knitters, helped create 8500 blood drops. The target had been 700. Well, the plan was to get 6500 new blood donors from the campaign. The final tally is 8500, one for every blood drop. How good is that?? There were even a few people on Twitter showing off the free blood drop they got with their first donation, which was cool. I wish we’d put a secret TKOE domino on all of ours so we could see where they went….

Finally, have all of you seen the amazing Stephen Sutton. You can find him at
He is the 19 year old with terminal cancer who has managed to do some amazing things and raise over £2m for the Teenage Cancer Trust, in the process. He’s at Rosie’s YPU in Birmingham (I think he’s even in the same room as she was, judging from the decoration). It’s been kind of hard reading what he’s been saying and doing, because it’s wonderful and sad all at the same time, and has brought back so many memories. Sammy, who Rosie met when she went for the vInspired awards, met Stephen the other month. She says he’s like a male Rosie. Incredible kids. Inspiring people.

Jo xx


2 Responses to “Summer terms”

  1. HopeSupportServices (@Hope_Support) April 28, 2014 at 8:59 am #

    Hiya Jo, always great to hear from the TKOE team 🙂 Fantastic to hear about the success of the blood drop campaign! Massive congratulations!

    Stephen Sutton is an incredible young man, he reminds us of Rosie too. Haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him but he was kind enough to take the time to be in email discussions with us and even sent us a Stephen’s Story wristband. Another inspirational 19 year old who will always be remembered. xx

  2. dawn April 28, 2014 at 9:23 pm #

    Hi Jo,
    It is indeedy GRH (£201 raised though more to come!). We’re planning a vintage style tea in July, which we can now hold in honour of TKOEs 5th year anniversary :). Oooh more fund raising in between too!
    Lovely to hear Cal is so happy at Foxes. Shame you’re back to doing your own hoovering! 😉
    Love pic. So fun, so Rosie x

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