The strangest thing

20 Feb

 We’d all give anything to be able to see and speak to someone we love who has died, judging from what other people have said and certainly what I feel. And I regularly wonder what Rosie would say in any given situation.

But would you really want to speak to an internet version of that person? Go to to see what I mean. Why would you even think of developing that? And why would you talk fishing? 

What is going on here????

These are the thoughts that occur to me as I surround myself with a moat of disinfectant in my house of pestilence . S is on the mend. C has contracted her vile illness. It’s me, the cats and the TKOE dog standing firm against it. 

Jo xx


One Response to “The strangest thing”

  1. Catherine Dufour February 20, 2014 at 8:32 pm #

    People who have passed are always in our hearts and are with us eternally. There is no need to ‘replicate’ them on the internet. I often speak with Grannie even though she has been gone from this earthly realm for a long time. I know she has been with me through the tough and brilliant times that have happened since she left.

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