Good things

2 Jan

Just a quick post tonight on a couple of things.
The blood droplets are coming on nicely, by all accounts. Keep sending the pictures in as you do them. Best to email them to TKOE at I did one during Sherlock last night and will do another one tonight.

Went up to QE Hospital this morning, to meet up with Vicky from comms. She is doing a piece on Rosie and TKOE, which is very kind of them. It was strange to be there without any gnawing anxiety about what might happen….nice too. As though I was seeing it for the first time properly.

AND – this year’s bloodometer has started already. 2 units! Thank you Ruth and friend.

Tomorrow is Rosie’s 22nd birthday, don’t forget. Will announce the total for 2013 and then we are rushing off to Brussels. 🙂 🙂 If we get through the floods that is. Gloucester is at a high level of alert. Brings back memories of 2007 all over again.

Until tomorrow.

Jo xxx


One Response to “Good things”

  1. celia butler January 2, 2014 at 8:32 pm #

    I’ve done four blood drops. I haven’t knitted for years and the first one was hard going, tension too tight and dropped stitches involving lots of bad language. But it was a Rosie moment – thinking about people all over the place knitting drops of blood without really knowing what for, because of her. I think she would be quite amused…
    Enjoy your Brussels trip, will be thinking of you all on Rosie’s birthday. xx

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