24 hours

1 Nov

Do you want to know about my 24 hours? Well, you’re going to be told about it.

Halloween Ghost walk 🙂
Beer in pub 🙂
Slight lie in 🙂
Finalising details for Xmas release of Monkeyface song for TKOE 🙂 🙂
Progressing Xmas tea towels for TKOE 🙂 🙂
Long, blowy muddy walk with dog where three children called TKOE dog a wolf (she isn’t) and two small children asked Chris and I if we were mountaineers (we’re not):)

Interspersed with:
1:47am ( yes, a.m. )phone call from ill Sylv – she has to be picked up from friends house 😦
Dog eats hole in stair carpet whilst we are distracted by the patient 😦
Chris collects car from service – ÂŁ800 bill 😦 😦
Cat ( that’s cat, not Cal)is having a sleepover at vets pending tests for diabetes 😦
Diabetes is difficult to treat in cats due to their lifestyle. Their drink and drug habit and wild parties, I assume 😦

Meanwhile, Sylv is on the mend, a bottle of wine is chilling in the fridge and it’s Friday night 🙂 🙂

Stupid day, in parts.

Jo xx


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