Time Lord

29 Oct

Being a time lord would be very useful wouldn’t it. I’d go back and see Rosie for sure. I’d be a bit dubious about changing anything in case it did cause some time rift and ended the world.

Being a time lord would also mean you could fit in things you struggle to fit in now. I say all this because I am still operating on British Summer Time and have been awake since 5 despite being tired and needing to catch up on sleep.

We saw a very bouncy Cal at the weekend. For the first time he managed to communicate what he wanted to do while we were with him. This involved lunch in a pub ( 🙂 ). It also involved seeing the film Turbo. He enjoyed it.

He continues to have regular parties. Like a student does.

Then we had a lovely day in Southampton visiting mum and dad and other relatives and found a very good dog friendly pub. Because the TKOE dog came with us too. Chris doesn’t call her the TKOE dog. I cannot write what he calls her. I think he likes her really.

Have a good day.

Jo xx


One Response to “Time Lord”

  1. scillylover October 29, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    I’m not a fan of the BST thing. Don’t know why we have to do it here at all. Apart from sleep disruption the clock in my car is only right for half the year as it’s too much of a faff to change it.
    Another busy weekend for you, sounds as though Cal is having the time of his life. All good. Chris’ objections to the TKOE dog aren’t very convincing though, there is photographic evidence to the contrary. x

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