so wise, so wise

11 Jul

That’s what you all are. Wise.

I think it is the combination of

  • Disturbing her grave. Hmmm.
  • Being there with her when it happens
  • This means it’s not temporary after all
  • It’ll be nice for it to look less temporary
  • Will and Lottie are lovely so it’ll be a nice thing to do
  • No idea how you fix a headstone, so interesting
  • It’s sunny and everything connected with Rosie’s death should be tempestuous and raining
So, have said no, but its our daughter, her grave, and we can do what we want to. So if minds change, that’s ok. Funny thing is, I couldn’t work out what Rosie would do, until I wrote this. I think she’d take the same approach. Not dither around so people could get on with it, but do something last minute if she felt like it.
Best of both worlds.
Jo xx

One Response to “so wise, so wise”

  1. andy1952 July 12, 2013 at 8:28 am #

    That was a real dilemma you had and Maggie and myself couldn’t think what we would do in that have done “the right”thing and you have the right to change YOUR mind.good decision.
    Andrew and Maggie

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