17 Jan

Hah! Snow cheers the mood no end. Panic buyers in Tesco made it a busier day than Christmas. At the checkouts we were all surveying each others purchases and scoring them for ability to see out the impending white out. Well, we were at the till I was queueing at. I won.

And… Cal has been doing some brilliant texts this week. Out of the blue today he sent one saying ‘I been wearing normal clothes’. What do they make them wear usually??? Turned out he missed his shift because he went to the doctors with a nasty cough. He’s fine.

And….glad you liked the headstone stone. And thanks for the suggestions. We’re going to try the big piece of paper. Agree that we don’t want it too crowded too. And put on it what Rosie would have wanted.

And….big shout out for Martha Scott who’s joined the Break a Record for Rosie by organising a gig in Cheltenham called Kick it for Cancer in April. Details to be posted on here too.

And …glad Hope Support Services are pleased that we picked them. Will be doing a bit of TKOE work over the next few days to get all of this properly sorted. The gloom of the past few days has made us all a bit can’t be botheredish. But we’re not like that any more. Oh no.

The latest TKOE baby still hasn’t arrived – it’s going to be a snow baby, clearly.

Jo xx

What’s that? Why did I win the snow competition at the till? Because I had flowers, a newspaper, AND a magazine, plus I could confirm I had some wine at home. So I won the decadent approach award.


2 Responses to “Gloomless”

  1. Jonquil January 17, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

    I like that approach! Am still congratulating myself for finding celeriac in Cinderford Lidl , so I can use some of our frozen, cooked, home-grown beetroot with it in a recipe out of the Guardian. Celeriac! Cinderford! Gloucester Quays Sainsbury’s doesn’t stock celeriac! The rest of the basket was cereal and loo rolls, so I reckon we are pretty much ready, when the wine under the stairs is counted in.

    I do love snow……

  2. celia butler January 18, 2013 at 1:24 pm #

    Okay Jo, I reckon the chaos across the UK today is down to you and your Gloomy post!
    So hopefully, having shopped suitably, you’re now having a decadent day, and under the circumstances I feel that I have no choice but to join you…x

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