Announcement: 2013 TKOE Challenge

9 Jan

Hello hello.

So you all enjoyed the news about smashing the TKOE target then?? It’s just fab, isn’t it??

Soooooo, now’s the time to announce what we think 2013 is about. We’ve thought long and hard, and sounded out a few people, all of whom thought this was a good one, so see what you think . . . . . .

The TKOE 2013 challenge is

Break a Record for Rosie

The deal is,  anyone who wants to raise money for TKOE or the charities we’re supporting this year (more of that in a minute) just has to do it by breaking some sort of record and raising or donating some money in the process. Oh, and having some kind of relationship to the number 21. In honour of Rosie’s 21st birthday. Oh, and telling us about it.

Not a world record, or anything like that – unless you want to. Oh yes, we’re actively encouraging that as well.

What we’re talking about is any sort of personal thing – you know, the sort of thing you’ve always thought you’d like to do, but have always decided you haven’t got the time for, courage for, skill for, etc, etc, etc, and somehow use that to raise money to donate.

We got the idea from the things which people did last year. And from deciding we couldn’t just set a £21k target. And from Rosie herself, and the way she found herself doing all sorts of things she’d never have done if that cancer thing hadn’t introduced itself into our lives.

We haven’t set a financial target this time – unless you think we should? But obviously we’ll be reporting the totals. And we want to know what people are doing and have pictures if we can. And it really can be anything at all. In fact, we have the first three and the first lot of donations for 2013.

Record no. 1 is …..the Record for Rosie, which MonkeyFace have done for Rosie’s 21st(I know that’s not really breaking a record, but it’s their first time of doing it in this way to raise money and all sales once we’ve sorted the means of selling it will raise money for TKOE)

And record no. 2 is …. Thom who has signed up with the Guiness Book of Records to try to beat the world non-stop drumming record, and raise money for TKOE. Nope, no idea why, but it’s a brilliant idea. And we’ll let him off the link with 21.

And record no.3 is …… a shy person who doesn’t want to be named, who is trying to lose their personal record of 21lb in weight and will donate £10 for every pound lost.

So, that’s a starter for us – 3 already!!! I wonder how many we can get up to?

Now, our current running total is, astoundingly,£225 from donations for Rosie’s birthday.

The charities

So, who are we raising money for – well this year we are supporting:

Hope Support  – Rosie’s favourite charity

Beth’s Wish – a very new charity which is raising money for a young persons facility at the St Michael’s Hospice in Hereford. You remember, the place where Rosie loved the people but absolutely HATED the building. So we know she’d totally approve of this one. And what if that started a stream of facilities throughout the country . . .

The Young Person’s Unit at Birmingham YPU – because of the immediate benefit young people and their families get from donations.

And we’ll count any more Running for Rosie for Cancer Research as well.

More info on those organisations in a bit. Meanwhile –

What do you think? Really, what do you think?

And what records are you going to break or make?

Oh, that means us as well doesn’t it. Better go and think hard on that one . . .

Jo xx

Oh! And we are keeping the bloodometer running too. I got the first one in for Rosie’s birthday. Except it went wrong so only a partial donation was collected. So our start for 2013 is 0.33. Or should that be 1/3. I don’t know. It was a mechanical failure, nothing to do with me and my blood. But I had a MASSIVE bruise. On both arms.


3 Responses to “Announcement: 2013 TKOE Challenge”

  1. celia butler January 10, 2013 at 11:44 am #

    Oh wow, what a brilliant challenge. I’m really glad you haven’t set a money target, it’s fantastic to have done that once but might be too much of a pressure as an ongoing thing. Maybe there could be an initial target of 21 records to be broken? Will have to start thinking hard about possibilities….
    I don’t think your birthday blood donation should be a fraction though. You went, you gave and it wasn’t your fault the equipment failed, so it should count in full. Especially when the bruise was so big! x

  2. zumbanatalie January 10, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

    Wow, sounds fantastic. Team Kilburn is so inspiring!! 🙂
    Happy New Year to you all! And here’s to keeping the money rolling in 🙂 xxxx

  3. SammyJay January 16, 2013 at 9:48 am #

    Sorry for the delayed response from the HOPE team, we have just been sharing the fantastic news verbally… now time to share our THANKS with our online people too! We are really proud to be chosen by you this year so THANK YOU! You have selected some really important organisations whom too must be really grateful for your support… it’s going to be a tough old year!

    This is a fantastic idea Team Kilburn- brilliant way to celebrate Rosie’s 21st birthday!

    Whoooopedoooodledooooo !

    Time to share the news through our various online channels… Happy Wednesday all ! !

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