Will it start getting lighter soon?

11 Dec

It’s dark isn’t it. Dark and cold. I quite like it when the christmas lights start to go up and it gets frosty, but the dark mornings and dark evenings are not good.

It’s 15 months tomorrow and having been able to break the cycle of feeling miserable on the 12th for the last two months, I’m not sure the same will apply to tomorrow.

In some brightness in the bleakness though, an enormous thank you to Sir Thomas Riches School, who have raised a brilliant sum of money which has gone into our birthday surprise hamper. It’s filling up very very nicely ready for the big reveal on January 3rd.

Jo xx


2 Responses to “Will it start getting lighter soon?”

  1. celia butler December 11, 2012 at 9:30 pm #

    It will of course start to get a little bit lighter after the shortest day on 21st, but as it’s only a minute on each end of the day it will be a while before we really see the benefit. Don’t like dark mornings or frozen cars – not the best start to the day.
    If tomorrow isn’t a good day Rosie’s mantra (now adopted by all of the wider Team Kilburn) will get you through. And a big Yay! for Sir Thomas Riches School. Getting exciting now…x

  2. anita baker December 11, 2012 at 11:56 pm #

    Tomorrow is another day that Rosie with your help is raising money for such a good cause, tomorrow is another day that shows a mothers love is stronger than anything, tomorrow is another day that we are thankful that Rosie gave us the strength and courage to do our best and not complain ( too much). Tomorrow is another day that your clever beautiful daugter will show you how much she loved you by you reading the posts on here to support you as we did her. X

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