Double rainbows

30 Sep

Dark, damp, dank day, not even October yet.  So double rainbows, single rainbows, any sort of rainbow are welcome glints of joy. And we like the fact that in this month which is so meddlesome and gloomy for us, people are comparing the shimmering brilliance and unexpectedness of double rainbows, with Rosie. It’s a good image.

Even the cats are out of sorts. The kitten twins are irritating the older ones by noisily chasing a pencil around the floor. They also had a short lived period of balancing on the clothes horse which had wet clothes on it, and trying to jump from bar to bar. We were downstairs and Sylv and I were convinced we had a poltergeist. We heard thuds and dull plops through the floorboards at periodic intervals, which obviously only a poltergeist could cause. The kittens were caught red-pawed though and banished for a while.

But, it’s not all gloomy – we’ve had another donation, this time from Thrashion, check them out– so we are down to £6362 to raise. This is coming down so nicely.

And in 17 posts time, the TKOE blog will reach the 1000 post mark. One thousand posts. That’ll be before Christmas. 🙂

Jo xx


One Response to “Double rainbows”

  1. celia butler October 1, 2012 at 4:42 pm #

    Never a dull moment in the Kilburn household, those kittens are a proper handful!
    September was indeed a gloomy month in many ways. But we’ve got a new one now and lets hope for a few more joyful moments over the coming weeks.
    I love all rainbows, and double ones are so special. Keep that image in your head for the gloomy times, might just help a little. x

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