Thrills and spills

30 Aug

Hello hello. Feels as though I’ve not posted for ages, but actually it’s just been a long feeling week. Which is a bit unfair given there was a three day weekend, so it’s technically a short week. Hmm.

So, what news. Well, in TKOE world, we now only have to raise a further £8541. Thanks again to Jane and Lucy who have added some more into their Snowdon climb. £900 they’ve raised! All for the Teenage Cancer Trust, Birmingham YPU. 🙂

And Gwen has so far – and note that it is ‘so far’ – raised 331% of the target she set for the Race for Life Running for Rosie birthday outing. Just pop over to and you can see what that means in money terms. She’s not quite finished yet, so I’ll add it in when she gives me the nod.

Oh my goodness, we are almost within reach now, aren’t we?We look as though we might just ,between us all ,raise that £20k.

We’ve also been approached about three totally different  ways to raise some money for the £20k challenge, which we’re just sorting out a bit more and then I’ll share on here. One of them I will need some bright ideas about; one is hilarious and one is brilliantly thoughtful.

So, lots to be pleased about.

As well as feeling all churned up about Rosie and the 1 year anniversary coming up, we’re also preparing for Calum’s big adventure. He goes off to Foxes on 8th Sept. We’re going through all those things of being really pleased but really nervous. He’s so steady and funny and just here in the present we’re going to miss him so much. He really has taken to texting though, so I don’t doubt we will get a running commentary. I’d quite like to get him a Twitter account because his texts and thoughts would make brilliant reading; as he doesn’t really understand the ramifications of that though, I don’t think we ought to.

He’ll love it, I know. But will we?


Jo xx


3 Responses to “Thrills and spills”

  1. Jane August 31, 2012 at 7:53 am #

    Hi Jo Definitely a Twitter accoung for Calum, it will cheer us all up with the feel of winter already coming in!

  2. celia butler August 31, 2012 at 9:50 am #

    To start at the end, no, you won’t like it to start with because of missing Cal a lot and the house feeling quieter and strange. But once you get used to it a bit you’ll start to be glad that he’s spreading his wings and having the chance to do new things, meet new people and be more independent. By which time he’ll be home again on holiday! Texting is great, but am probably with you on the Twitter thing, for now at least.
    As for the rest, the fundraising news continues to be brilliant and look forward to hearing about these new ideas. Have a good weekend whatever the weather. x

  3. Jonquil August 31, 2012 at 11:41 am #

    Lots of good things there.

    Here’s a piece of news from the TKOE puppies, who all went out into the wide world three weeks ago : three of them have starred with a group called One Direction in a video. No idea who One Direction are, but I’m told they are popular with young people!

    Thinking of you lots at the moment, and hope to add to the Bloodometer next week.


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