If this was a book

25 Aug

then the tempestuous weather since last September would be an image of the world railing against Rosie dying. We have had ridiculous thunderstorms since last night, which meant we had no power for several hours. Then today, we had a storm right overhead which sounded to us and Chief Designer Mike who arrived at the self same moment, as though the sky had split apart.

This morning we drove into such torrential rain, it was as though there was a bead curtain hanging over the road. We could see it ahead and then when we were in it, it was as loud and thick as hailstorms, but was rain drops.

Anyway, we’ve had a TKOE meeting today, and have several lovely things lined up, all the way through to next summer. Tee hee.

And two bits of pretty splendid fundraising news:

Bloodometer is now 31. Hah! That is thanks to me this time. Although I ended up feeling like I was donating gold because I had to wait so long (which was good, because so many other people were donating); then there was a moment where it looked as though my blood wasn’t good enough, but that was all down to the test tube, not me; and then there was a right palavar about finding a vein. So I ended up the very last person there with the excellent blood donation team (blood collection team?), eating their secret brownies.

And if you go to our very own http://www.theknockoneffect.co.uk and sit and watch the banner photos at the top of the page, you can see the celebration message which the TKOE elves have put up. They couldn’t decide if it was a bit distasteful. We think it’s good.

And, we only have another £8586 to raise, thanks to Jane and Lucy climbing Snowdon and Kate Pearson running for Rosie at Race for Life. Yay!!!

The Three Peaks jaunt is nearly at £2k now. But we’re not adding it in yet, because people are still donating. And have I told you about the tattoos in memory of Rosie? I can’t remember if I have, and am too lazy to check just now. Go and look at http://www.justgiving.com/teams/tkoe20kchallenge and visit the new page on there.

And I know the numbers on there don’t equate with the numbers on here. That’s because on here we’ve added in the Running for Rosie in Race for Life which isn’t included on the JustGiving site; and because I need to update it, but there’s some complicated maths to do. So this is the right figure on here. Okay? Happy now?

We’re finding these last few weeks in the lead up to 12th Sept pretty hard, I have to say. But all of your hard work and support  really really really does help. And  I know it does other people who are part of Team Kilburn who are fighting their own battles at the moment too.

Jo xx


One Response to “If this was a book”

  1. celia butler August 26, 2012 at 11:06 am #

    The weather has been unbelievable, so I like your image. Would make a lot of sense. Very well done on your contribution to the bloodometer target smashing, I love the banner photo and can’t see how it could offend anyone.
    And look at all those other things that will help to get the 20K target smashed as well! Just fantastic.
    Difficult weeks at the end of such a difficult year. But you may find that the anniversary brings some sort of relief, in that you will have gone through all of the significant dates once and they might be just a little easier next time. Let’s see if the sun shines on September 12th – which could be another sign…
    Love to you all. x

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