Buon giorno/bon jour/well hello

19 Aug

We are back! We had a brilliant time and – apart from the sleepless night and 830 mile drive – very well rested and restored.

We swam or dipped our toes into alpine lakes, the Mediterranean and  the odd swimming pool.

We journeyed on buses and trains and cable cars and on foot.

We ate a lot of food, which Cal took pictures of. Very good pictures. We think he may have a previously unknown talent.

We did touristy things like walk across the roof of Milan Cathedral; climb into a submarine; marvel at the fish at the biggest acquarium in Europe; and ate pizzas with Rosie’s friend Amy in Genoa.

And we didn’t have any disasters  – well, apart from the Chris tooth breaking incident involving a piece of bread; Liv, Sylvie’s friend getting a cocktail stick stuck in her tooth brace; Sylvie getting chased by a Swiss cow down a mountain slope; Sylvie losing her grip on the bottle of water and hurling it onto my plate of food which smashed to pieces, causing me to knock Chris’s beer into his plate of food, causing him to knock Calum’s plate over. Everyone else continued eating pleasantly.

Oh, and discovering that you don’t play games with dice on apartment balconies. Not if you want to finish the game with all dice intact, at any rate.

We read loads and talked loads and got lots and lots of sun. And came back here to sweltering England. And a lovely cheque from Rotary Mike – thank you Newent Rotary. Which means we now only need to raise £9801  And we know it’s even less than that because Thom and co are speeding up and down the Three Peaks as I write this, and have raised well over £1k.

And we’ve come back to some messages from people about how they are going to be remembering Rosie one year on and raising for TKOE and cancer charities at the same time.  Cake sales, and tattoos. Go and look http://www.justgiving.com/TheKnockOnEffect

What to do ourselves?? A dilemma. Sad day but feisty day. Hmmm.

It’s good to be back.

Jo xx


3 Responses to “Buon giorno/bon jour/well hello”

  1. Lin August 19, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    So….welcome back:) Sounds like a good time was had 🙂
    Do we have plans? – am keeping the day free – will give you a call in the week
    Speak soon

  2. celia butler August 20, 2012 at 11:28 am #

    Prynhawn da – croeso ‘n ôl! Glad that you had such a good time (despite little events), you really needed a proper break. Nurture Cal’s talent, it’s so useful to have a good photographer in the family.
    I’m going to mark one year with a special edition of Roses for Rosie (see http://www.facebook.com/rocksforrosie – Roses for Rosie album for current items if you’re new to the blog) ….
    You may just want to have a quiet family day – whatever you decide, there will be an awful lot of people thinking of you and remembering Rosie in many different ways. x

  3. Andrea Clarke August 23, 2012 at 5:33 pm #

    Sounds like you had a marvellous time.

    we have had the same experience with dice. managed to rescue one lot as they had bounced into the landlord’s vegetable plot – were nestling amongst the lettuce. snuck down and retrieved them. luckily not spotted by landlord – not that they would have minded i just don’t know the Greek for dice!! second time not so lucky – i think the die must still be working its way around the med!!

    Sad day indeed! I will be stuck in a Cabinet meeting for part of the day!!! Won’t stop remembering your amazing daughter though.

    🙂 xx

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