Fact and figures

26 Jul

Fact – when you are used to going out with your lovely family, going out just the two of you seems astoundingly cheap, even when you are in a posh restaurant 🙂

Fact – I drove to the hotel on our wedding night, and Chris remembered, 25 years on, so he drove last night 🙂

Figure – TKOE £20k challenge now down to £9833. Thank you Margaret for donating to TKOE

Figure – Bloodometer is now at 29. Thank you Paul. Only one more to go and we’ve repaid all the blood Rosie needed.

Fact – more new blog readers have joined us, having seen people Running for Rosie in Race for Life events and have been inspired by her story

And this blog has had 180,000 hits in the last year. That’s a fact and a figure. 🙂


Jo xx



One Response to “Fact and figures”

  1. celia butler July 27, 2012 at 12:10 pm #

    Fact – children are very expensive. But worth it.
    Yay! for all your other facts, all amazing.
    For those new blog readers – can I give a small plug for http://www.facebook.com/rocksforrosie please? Lots of pretties to wear with those summer outfits finally getting an airing and you can swell the TKOE coffers at the same time.
    Enjoy the sunshine and keep those brilliant facts and figures coming…x

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