Bike rides and pasties

14 Jul

It was a year ago today that Rosie and we found out there was nothing more anyone could do for her. I just remember her saying ‘Oh my goodness’ over and over again and thinking how polite that was, compared to what I wanted to say. And cuddling up on the bed with her even though you’re not supposed to do that in hospital beds.

The sun was shining incredibly brightly and she was in the new Teenage Cancer Unit, and none of the surroundings squared with what we’d just been told. Her consultant and specialist nurse were really upset and one of the nurses was pacing the corridor saying how wrong it all was.

So today, the weather has been suitably sunny then tempestuous. Dropped down to say hello to her and was really pleased to find some new flowers, a Race for Life medal and a holiday souvenir. 🙂

We went over to Chief Designer Mike’s where we always get cheered up. He introduced us to chocolate and banana pasties. Try them.  And then Keri and Josh came and presented Calum with a £1000 cheque for TKOE which was raised from the bike ride to Paris. THANK YOU! There is a picture. Which would go here:



…… if, that is,  I can ever work out how to load it in its current format. I need some ICT lessons I think.

So, we only need to raise £10989 now.

Even better,  I know that once we get the totals in from the Snowdon trip plus the various RfL totals, we shall have smashed through our half way point. It doesn’t look so impossible now, does it, that £20k challenge. 🙂

So, two questions for you – does anyone know of any contacts for art and craft fayres/fairs (I have no view on the spelling, I just know people can’t agree on it) as we have some TKOE crafters who have given us things which we really want to try to sell face to face.

And, why do tea bags float when you pour water on them?

Jo xx


4 Responses to “Bike rides and pasties”

  1. Mike July 14, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    Email the photo to yourself from your phone!

  2. Chloe Taylor-Jones July 14, 2012 at 9:55 pm #

    I was thinking about Rosie this evening when I got in from work. A year seems like such a long time ago and yet it also feels like time has gone by very quickly. Just wanted to log on and send my love to you all. You’re halfway through this year and halfway towards 20k, fantastic achievement. It genuinely inspires me to pull myself together whenever I am having a feeling sorry for myself moment. Lots of love from Chloe x

  3. celia butler July 14, 2012 at 9:58 pm #

    Here are a couple of places to look for craft fairs by area:

    I’m going to look myself, I have enough Rocks for Rosie stock for a stall if I can find the right sort of event.

    Apparently tea bags float because they’re full of air until the water absorbs into the tea, and because they’re flat and light to start with (according to he who knows everything).

    Another difficult anniversary today. That was such a shocking day. But Rosie would approve of marking it with chocolate and banana pasties (definitely different) and also that great big cheque. Brilliant progress with the target, very significant to see the halfway point looming. The target will be smashed…x

  4. Kath July 15, 2012 at 9:06 am #

    Might the UKHandmade fairs be suitable? Also possibly folksy if you could use an online option?

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