30 Jun

Poor poor Gwen. You remember she has arranged for people to donate to TKOE instead of give her presents for her 10th birthday? And she and her friends are doing Race for Life in Cardiff on 15th July? Well, she fell in a rabbit hole and has cracked her ankle and is all plastered up.

Is she daunted?No she isn’t. She’s already organised loan of wheelchair so she can still do it! A huge YAY for Gwen and her friends, is in order, I think.

And the Running for Rosie team hit the streets tomorrow for the 10k run. Sylv and I are volunteering so we’ll try to take action shots there.

And Rachel and Rebecca did their Race for Debbie and Rosie last week and went way over their target.

So what with all that and the comments we’ve had, we think we should count RfL fundraising towards the £20k challenge. So the totaliser will appear shortly, cos I need to add up what’s there so far.

It’s the big TKOE show in Scotland tomorrow – good luck everyone. My mum and dad are representing TKOE and Team Kilburn for all of us, and I’m sure they’ll do us proud.

And just to add to the midsummer madness, I see 9 puppies have joined Team Kilburn. Photo please, Jonquil.


Jo xx


3 Responses to “Gwen”

  1. celia butler June 30, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

    I know another girl who wouldn’t have let the small matter of a cracked ankle stop her from doing something she’d planned. Two of a kind, well done Gwen. Hope that ankle heals quickly.
    Yay for her, and for RfL and the Scottish fundraiser. (Hope it all goes really well and looking forward to feedback and photos. x

  2. Sheena June 30, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

    Glad I’ve read blog before tomorrow. I had forgotten about the camera. Must get organised. Raffles already in car. There’s a lot of clinking going on!!!! I’m sure we’ll have a good show. Just hope all turn up. Always a worry till the last moment. Rhinos have arrived safely in Scotland. Already fallen in love with them. Still deciding on names! If its any consolation the rain is falling here too with peek a boo sunshine. Good luck all the race for lifers and well done Gwen for carrying on.

  3. Deb Walker June 30, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    Yes ….. go Gwen!!!
    Rachel and Rebecca would be delighted if their Race for Life fundraising counted towards Rosie’s TKOE £20K challenge. We are still waiting for the last few people to donate, who have promised a contribution, and we’ll let you know the final total asap.
    Love from all the Walkers
    Deb xxxxx

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