Seaside and sun

27 May

Well hello again. Sorry about the very long silence. I’ve been working in Torquay for the week and just haven’t had any time or spare thinking space to post anything.

I’ve never been to Torquay before. The bay is beautiful and the weather was wonderful. Have you ever eaten gurnard? Ugly but very tasty.

On the way to Torquay we had a day in Cardiff with Sue, Evie and Gwen, helping find clothes for a wedding; we saw Swallows and Amazons at the theatre, which you must, must, must go to see if you get the chance. We had a really good family do where about 45 cousins came together because the only times we come together at the moment are for funerals.

Then a week in Torquay.

And then we’ve just had a couple of days in North London seeing Alfie, Rosie’s nearly godson and all of his family. Which was also really good fun.

And throughout all that we have had some more ideas about things to do to raise money,  sold lots more random rhinos, some Rocks for Rosie and the people I was working with also raised some money for TKOE. So our totalizer is down to £13610.94.  Time for a yay I think. Yay!

Five days and then it’s Dublin. And I am NOT scared of the flight. No, not at all. Because I did promise Rosie I wouldn’t be. I am not. not. not.  scared. Not at all. It’s only a short one after all, and I know all about the windy landings.

Jo xx


7 Responses to “Seaside and sun”

  1. Dave jones May 27, 2012 at 8:01 pm #

    Good for you Jo- another good read, enjoy Dublin.

  2. Jane May 27, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

    Great to hear from you Jo and that you have had good times. We flew the flag for TKOE today with our second table top sale so the pennies are coming in 🙂 Look forward to hearing how your flying experience goes!

  3. anita connahs mam May 27, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

    I think there may be medication you can take for windy landings ! …. Glad to hear you are all enjoying the sun and having fun visiting relatives…..a big yay for the total. X

  4. celia butler May 28, 2012 at 7:50 am #

    That’s one busy week! But you chose the right one weather-wise to be at the seaside. And yes, I have eaten gurnard and liked it a lot.
    A big yay! for the fundraising (although I have to say that my ’20’ event for Rocks for Rosie is going rather slowly – 12 days left for those who might not have looked yet…).
    And have a brilliant time in Dublin. And you won’t be scared of the flight – just think how much worse it would be on the ferry if it’s windy! Look forward to hearing about it. Love to you all. x

  5. Zanna May 28, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    Hi Jo,
    Zanna from Berlin here. I had a period of being scared of flying — and what really helped me was (a) doing a hot air balloon flight (!! yes, i was petrified beforehand but it was just amazing) and (b) wearing ear plugs when I fly. The ear plugs stop you hearing/focusing on all the strange noises. And they help with pressure problems. Have a lovely time in Dublin!
    Ah, Swallows and Amazons, I love it!
    Zanna aka Nancy

  6. Andrea Clarke May 29, 2012 at 1:40 pm #

    I’ve been silent too. lot on my mind. but you have never been far from my thoughts.

    sounds like its been a busy time. I hope Dublin is good for you. apparently the Guinness factory is fun!!! fingers crossed for the flight – I know how you feel. We’re off to Greece soon, to Ithaca the alleged home of Odysseus. Longer flight than to Dublin. I shall be prepared with my ipod, book, book of sudoku and husband. still sad that we won’t be around for the 29 June but we’ll raise a glass to you all, and i know there will be many opportunities to kick back and take the time to remember the amazing Rosie.

    and Celia’s right about the ferry. we had to come home from Dublin via Liverpool instead of Holyhead on one occasion because the wind was so bad that the ‘Swift’ wasn’t running – that was an interesting journey!! and there was one time in Greece where the boat (it wasn’t one of those huge ferries) couldn’t dock at one of the pickups and the people had to be ferried out on small boats, their luggage thrown on board and the people had to climb a ladder from small boat to big boat. thankfully we were already on board.

    enjoy Dublin x

  7. margaret crisp May 29, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    I’ve been silenced too, but weh hey, am now back in Glos after a very busy week and we’re back on line!! We’re unpacking and decorating etc here and am REALLY tired – so tired that I went to sleep momentarily in the bath this morning!!
    Glad Torquay was okay, am off to cook supper and do more cleaning, polyfilla-ering etc…

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