30 Mar

My favourite day of the week. I hate Tuesdays. Hate them more than Mondays.

Chris has just picked me up from Great Malvern train station, after the train I was on, heading for Ledbury announced (Thomas the Tank Engine style) that because it was late, it would finish two stops before Ledbury. No warning, this was about 2 mins before we arrived at Great Malvern. Now, had we all been thinking straight, I think we should have all stayed put. But we all went, oh, okay then. And off we got. Some people would have waited 50 mins for the next train. I didn’t. And there’s no fuel in Ledbury.


But it’s all okay because we’re all home now, and the bloodometer, I have just discovered, is now up to 13.  Thanks for all the opinions on what should count. It all counts, because, as so very many of you said, they will have all been donated with Rosie in mind. We’re at 43% of our target, only three months into it. YAY!

There’s a very exciting fundraising thing happening for TKOE next week at Gloucester City Council. There’s all sorts of things going on, and TKOE merchandise (that sounds posh, doesn’t it!) and Rocks for Rosie. Thank you Kim Eade.

Just cannot decide what to have for tea.




2 Responses to “Friiiidaaaay”

  1. anita connahs mam March 30, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

    Fish chips and mushy peas comes to mind……can’t give blood due to some rule about if you have had a blood transfusion, don’t know why…..does making family do it count ? If so add 3. X

  2. celia butler March 31, 2012 at 1:02 pm #

    In a funny sort of way, your train experience links up a bit with your last post – that whole thing about the British way of reacting to situations.
    It was of course quite unacceptable for the train company to just decide to change the journey en route. But they do it because they know that most people will just mutter a bit, then make other arrangements or wait for the next one. We really shouldn’t put up with it, but we do.
    Well done Chris for coming to the rescue and getting you home though.
    What did you have for tea in the end? x

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