Giant gummy bear.

3 Sep

Look how giant it is! It’s actually blue but it’s come out black in the picture. I had a bite and it is definitely gummy. I got this and the bacon toothpaste from – it’s in the USA candy/sweets section under the wacky category. Hilarious! Dad started with the they are the only bit he can really fit in his mouth, but he refuses to cut it..I think someone is going to get sticky.

I’ve also got this picture:

Calum has already built his lego model, but it’s got two sets of instructions so you can make it into different things – clever ey?

Mum has requested I clear up some cat confusion. The cat name that Julia and Debbie can’t remember is Hilda, so we had Brian, Murray, Hilda, Mavis and Malcom. Mavis was originally called Domino and Malcom was indeed a girl. Frank was a wedding present from Lin and came a bit later. If you don’t know what that’s about then don’t worry, I can’t even begin to explain. Mum also wants you to know that she eats gingerbread men’s arms first and Dad eats the head.

I eat the arms and legs first and then the head, leaving the torso until last.

ANYWAY, how am I today? I’ve had a resting day because I was rather tired after the wheelchair trip yesterday. I’ve worked out that when I get breathless, if I read a chapter of my book (Faraway Tree Stories by Enid Blyton..I know I know, it’s a kids book but I love it) then I stop being so aware of my body and the air and it all settles down.

I’ve bought 3 sets of new bed linen so when they arrive I’ll take pictures of me looking healthy in them. Mum reckons I’ve put on a bit of weight so that’s fantastic, I just wish the swelling in my tummy would go down because I can’t bend over or anything :(.

I’m having another one of those ‘should I be feeling like this?’ times. Shouldn’t I be upset because I’ve temporarily lost my independence? I’m not upset at all but I feel like I should be. Why am I so determined to be upset about something?! Madness. I guess I must just be very relaxed.

Ooo I know what I was going to tell you! There is a table top sale  in aid of TKOE on Saturday 15th October 2011 at Longlevens Community Centre GL2 0AJ, 11am – 2pm. If you would like to book a table at £5 please email Jane at 🙂 Mum and Sylvie will have a TKOE table there as well, so either come to sell or come to buy!

20 Responses to “Giant gummy bear.”

  1. Maz September 3, 2011 at 3:23 pm #

    ooh thanks for the link on the sweets, my sons godmother is american and misses sweets so thats her birthday pressie sorted too :-)))))))))

  2. Caroline September 3, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    I’m 51 and the Faraway Tree books are still one of my favourites.I still read them occasionally and have my original books from when I was about 8.My favourite characters were the saucepan man and Moonface.

    As for gingerbread men .I also bite the head off first but due to my love of teddy bears I couldn’t bear to eat a gummibear.No problem with jelly babies.The heads are first to go.

  3. Chloe Taylor-Jones September 3, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

    Thank-you so much for my post, I love it! My mum loves it too, she is taking the template into school to make some with the children as they are learning about Australia this term.

    I’m off to Newbury in Berkshire tomorrow to start my driving course. I will be there for four weeks living in a B&B (but coming home on the weekends) I am taking my old laptop with me, but it is extremely tempramental so I don’t know how useful it will be. At the moment I am using it and it is humming very loudly and the screen keeps flickering!

    I bet it will take your Dad quite a while to eat all of that gummy bear! Regarding gingerbread men, always eat the legs first and the head last!

    Really good to hear from you, keep up the good progress 😀 lots of love xxx

  4. chris September 3, 2011 at 4:57 pm #

    Hi Rosie, Jo, Chris, Toby and all,

    Sorry for not posting for the last few days, been having a downer time and even destroyed my facebook accounts, but good to see you have been doing great things Rosie and well impressed. I tried to post a reply a few days ago but when I tried to send the reply the whole thing disappeared into the either of the Internet never to be seen again 😦 all those 1’s and 0’s whizzing around lost in cyberspace…lol.

    Rosie, I love the presents you have bought your family and friends, especially your Dad’s ultra large gummy bear, so love the blue colour too, what does it taste of Chris? Rosie, Bev and I love the choices of the presents, you seem to have great insider knowledge of just what everyone likes, well done you. We both bet your Mum Jo is proud of her earings, Dad Chris of all his tasty gummy bear and toothpastes whilst Calum of his lego vehicle too. Sounds like you are a great Internet shopper and promoter too. Novelty tasting American sweets and toothpastes are a great idea for presents.

    Good to hear and see you are doing well health wise and you seem a lot more stable, pictures of you look good too Rosie. Sorry about the swollen belly and the leaking bladder, it happens to everyone who goes through these stages of being confined temporarily to a bed. You need to practise your pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your bladder muscles. Someone even offered to tire a knot in my private bits so think yourself lucky you are a lady, it can be more painful as a man, Ha Ha.

    The loss of independence is something we get use too over time, but we never really accept it. Never feel guilty or feel you should be sad Rosie, that is for other people to feel, not us, lol. Once you accept our surroundings and environment you start to feel better and get on with our life but every day we try and increase our range of challenges and movement, even doing daft things, me that means falling out of my electric wheelchair and into climbing roses and breaking a couple of ribs in the process it seems too, lol.

    Your writing seems to be much more exciting and alive today and yesterday too Rosie, you look a lot better in colour too, great to hear you have put on some weight, shows you are one determined young lady and ensuring you are going to make others feel happy around you too. Here at the moment we are watching a mother horse and foal running around the field outside our front bedroom window, the young foal full of energy playing with its mum.

    Lots of big hugs and special vibes to you all, xxx

  5. Helen & Harrie September 3, 2011 at 5:21 pm #

    Loving the picture of your Dad. Yes, we want to know what flavour it is and how long it takes Chris to eat it.

    Gingerbread men – arms and legs first, then body and finally the head is eaten last!! Isn’t it funny how we all do these weird things. LOL

    Keep on reading those books – I remember reading those too and loving them, but my all time favourite from when I was a little younger!!! is Little Women.

    Sending love and hugs and a kisses from Alan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Claire September 3, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

    My first teacher in primary school was called Mrs Quiggin, & I felt as safe with her as I did with my mum. Just before home time we sat on the carpet at her feet for story time, & she read The Faraway Tree to us, & just hearing the title gives me an indescribably odd feeling; I suppose its a memory of tired, just about to see mum, absorbed by the story…..contentment, I suppose! The book couldn’t possibly have lasted all year, but It seems to be my main memory. I can’t remember a word of it, by the way, & I think that’s the point! I feel as though ‘sit on the carpet’ & ‘story time’ should have capital letters, my response is positively Pavlovian.
    So, I’m not surprised to hear it’s your calm down book, & as for it being a kids book, well, perhaps my kid bit is alive & kicking. It does seem to be many peoples remembered book, strange because apparantly Enid Blyton was a very odd lady, & didn’t like her own children at all.

    There are some people who will be miserable & cross no matter what what happens, & others who have the gift of finding a positive somewhere, no matter what. You are one of the latter, & there’s nothing you can do about it! You’re bound to have a dark day now & again, but you shake like a wet dog before long & say to yourself ‘ok, what CAN I do’. For me, that ability is now called Looking at the World through Rosie Coloured Spectacles’.
    Now I’m off to buy silly things from American Sweets.
    Love ‘n hugs xxxx

  7. Claire September 3, 2011 at 5:51 pm #

    Heads off jelly babies on humanitarian grounds, but I was an only child, so otherwise I save the best bits till last, which is the head of gingerbread men because that’s where the icing is. My husband’s parents were houseparents in the huge childrens’home in Harrogate so he ate every meal with 11 other kids, hence the cherry off his bakewell tart is gone in a blink. I haven’t asked him about gingerbread men, but I know he’d be amazed that anyone would eat a jelly baby in two halves.
    I know when you’re feeling more like you because I don’t have time to reply to the random thought generator you become again!

  8. Julia September 3, 2011 at 6:01 pm #

    Yes but what is the Giant Gummy Bear holding?

    • Debbie September 3, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

      I was wondering that too! It seems to be something black and shiny wrapped in cellophane….

  9. Helen September 3, 2011 at 7:26 pm #

    I used to love the Faraway Tree books when I was a kid. Come to think of it, they may still be in my mum and dads loft. I may have to dig them out and re-read them.

    It’s good to hear that you are feeling better day by day, and it’s understandable you need to have relaxation days. I hope the swelling goes down soon as it sounds like that is making things really uncomfortable for you at the moment.

    That gummy bear is ridiculously big. I’m curious as what flavour blue gummy bears taste of too.

    • Michelle September 3, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

      You can read? Really? Thought you were still on picture books 😉
      Mic – hoping this is the right Helen I’m abusing 🙂

  10. celia butler September 3, 2011 at 8:55 pm #

    Thanks so much for the pics Rosie, had to be done! I wonder how many sessions it will take your dad to eat the gummy bear? I have a bit of a weakness for sweets myself (and yes, I do eat the heads last!) but a normal gummy bear/jelly baby will never be the same now…
    And well done to Calum with the truck, very impressive.
    It’s lovely to hear that you’re so fond of The Faraway Tree. Enid Blyton seems rather out of fashion at the moment, but I loved her books as a child and so did my girls. And a great form of self-help for your breathing.
    I think your attitude to the current situation shows both your maturity and your adaptability. You do what you have to do in the circumstances and don’t waste energy on things you can’t control. That’s who and how you are, but I guess the issue of being upset is more about how other people might expect you to feel.
    You keep on being relaxed, getting stronger, and entertaining your readers with your wacky shopping! x

  11. Michelle September 3, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    Hello Rosie, MadMic here back from Edinburgh and able to type properly as on a pc, not a little phone, though maybe not all the correct letters in the right order.
    I hope you received my letter – presuming you have done so.
    I have a really lovely bag, courtesey of Margaret. It is amazing. Margaret is very, very clever. Even Steve (non bag person) was impressed, so it must be good.
    I’m well impressed too by the Gummy Bear – tis HUGE.
    Maybe you could offer to be a personal online shopper – you’d be brilliant at it.
    Best go, have a whingy cat, we paid the ransom and released her from her luxury hotel. She’s now expecting strokes, attention and food – honestly.
    Take care, great to have you chatting, and hope you improve more each day.

  12. Debbie September 3, 2011 at 10:09 pm #

    All these positive comments about the Faraway Tree are making me want to read it. I used to love The Famous Five and Secret Seven. I remember that if you told someone to “have a banana”, it really meant “dry up”. Yes, that’s right, I kid you not, I said DRY UP! How quaint is that?! Obviously it was such a rude expression it needed a euphemism!

    Thank you for sorting out the cat mystery. Hilda, of course.

    And as for how to eat confectionery animals, I do think it depends on whether or not they have ears. With those now sadly rare but adorable Lindt chocolate teddy bears, it was always ears first, then legs, arms, torso in that order and finally the earless head. No question, no debate.

    As for losing your independence, it seems to me that the most important part of independence is having an independent mind and spirit not your physical being. And your mind is as original, individual and unique as it ever was. We are all so lucky that you share yourself with us so often, provoking us to think a bit differently about all sorts of stuff. And maybe that’s why you’re not as sad as you think you should be?

    Love the Lego!


  13. Dee September 3, 2011 at 10:35 pm #

    I LOVED the Faraway Tree when I was a child and actually got a smack on the bottom from my teacher for reading it in the corner of the classroom when I was supposed to be measuring lengths of string and sticking them in my workbook.

    I can’t eat anything that looks like a sentient being without apologising to it first. I have to bite the heads off jelly babies and gingerbread people to put them out of their misery before eating the rest. There’s no way I could eat a gummy bear that size ~ slowly ~ starting with it’s ears – torture :O I even say sorry if I have to leave one egg all alone in the eggbox – ridiculous.

    Thanks Claire for the phrase ‘Looking at the world through Rosie coloured spectacles’ – so true 🙂

    And thanks Rosie for the weblink – american sweets – sounds like my husbands dream site and it’s his birthday soon 🙂

    • Claire September 4, 2011 at 9:04 am #

      I’m not sure which ages us most accurately Dee; getting a smack from the teacher or being left alone with something as dangerous as a piece of string! I used to sneak books into the Wendy house when we were supposed to be playing. ie pretending to wash up, sweep & make tea in time for husband getting home from work…….
      Has the pc brigade renamed ‘wendy’ house yet?
      My daughter has to eat things in pairs because ‘one would be lonely’.

  14. margaret crisp September 4, 2011 at 7:49 am #

    Hi Rosie,hope you’ve had a good night and that you are feeling fresh and ready to meet the new day. It rained here last night, so weeding will be a bit of a yucky job today. Also want to clean car and start cleaning the house again, so its left all tidy! (mind you, we’re leaving two dogs and two cats behind so it won’t quite be as pristine on our return!).
    Like the pictures, bet Sylvie is waiting to see what comes in her parcel if she’s not yet recieved it!
    Losing your physical independance is one thing, but nothing can capture your spirit and mind which is just as alert and valuable as ever, so hang on to that! It’s the spirit and mind that is important in a person rather than the parts of the body.
    Have a good day, have you got baby wipes for your Dad’s hands? Have a pretty good idea he’ll soon be needing them!!
    love mags.

    • theknockoneffect September 4, 2011 at 10:54 am #

      Sylvie got a box set of Friends in her parcel..It says in the post before 🙂

  15. margaret crisp September 4, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    Hi Rosie, forgot!!! Presume its a tv based game….

    • theknockoneffect September 4, 2011 at 11:22 am #

      It’s an American sitcom. Surely you’ve heard of Friends?

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