Beer on the Wye.

4 Jul

Just had SammyJay and (I think) Sammy from Hope Support Services here to pick up the TKOE merch to sell at the Beer on the Wye festi this weekend. I really love having something to do with Hope because everyone there is lovely and every time they leave I’m left feeling so happy! Honest, I’m not just writing this because I know they’ll be reading..I’m writing this because Hope is my favourite charity and, completely honestly, I love them.

I actually feel better today. I woke up in the night again, but I’m kind of happy about that because I didn’t really like the dreams I was having..something about a boat I think. I had an achey back again this morning but I’m eating lunch now so that’s fabulous.


2 Responses to “Beer on the Wye.”

  1. robin July 4, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

    Hey Rosie

    Sorry your not feeling good lately, you have had a pretty rough year which isnt fair.

    It will get better though and things wil pick up when your well enough to bury yourself in the shop, hope your still excited by that like you were in the beginning.

    Glad your scurvy has gone, at least thats some good news.

    Pretty sure that Hope is the charity I did a paracute jump for, feel bad that I dont remember that for definate when I remember everythying else about the day, was a long time ago now though. Maybe it was Child Hope? If im honest I just wanted to do a parachute jump and saw it in a copy of the big issue advertised and just picked the charity I liked the sound of, but it still felt better knowing that it was for charity even if that wasn’t my sole motive!

    Oh yeah im goin back to uk sooner than expected for a quick visit so get to try my rhino tshirt which arrived safely, exciting times indeed.

    Hope you feel good again asap Rosie


  2. margaret crisp July 5, 2011 at 6:02 am #

    Hi Rosie, hope there’s an improvement again today. It’s our big day today when the tour de france comes through, so am up early ready to put up banners, make scones etc. Camping vans are up our road and have stayed there overnight, but luckily they’ve left our drive-ways clear. The road will be shut for 3 hours this afternoon.
    Looks like it’ll be a nice day, though rain is forecast…..
    If you’re bored this afternoon, you may get a glimpse of our village of Silfiac, if you tune into the eurosports live programme!
    love mags.

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