24 Jun

These antibiotics are killer. The doc at QE talked to the microbiologist and they’ve put me on some of the worst tasting liquid I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve had some interesting emails today. One from a lady who is writing her MA dissertation and wants to talk to me plus one from someone who is setting up a website, which I guess I can show you because it is already online – She wants to feature me but I don’t feel I deserve that! Anyway I’ve emailed back so we’ll see what happens.

Our chickens keep disappearing.. We’ve lost Debbie and a Rob to a fox and now another Rob has gone.. (Our cockerel is called Debbie and our hens are called Rob) We’re down to two now.

Mum hit the jackpot today and bought me a cereal selection pack with honey shreddies in it, isn’t that fantastic? Hopefully I won’t throw up tomorrow morning and can eat some. My father has been pretty much absent as his new phone came today but the sim card isn’t updating quick enough so he’s not exactly pleased.

I did send in my column the other day and I’m not sure if it’s been in yet..As soon as I know it has then I’ll put it up on here okay?


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