17 Jun

Gosh..wow..you guys..you really didn’t hold back there did you? I think I must have a hit a nerve. Thank you though, I feel a lot more reassured and I am pleased to tell you that today is not a pooey day………Although it is a very sicky day. Ha.

Had another terrible night, got about two hours sleep and then had to call the cavalry in, after that I was half asleep half awake having crazy thoughts that I was a big, black, American woman and I couldn’t play pool because I was too big. It was more like an argument with myself – half of my brain saying ‘Oh my, you are large.’ and the other half saying ‘No, I’m really really not! And I’m English!’. It drove me mad. Then at about 4am my brain told me that the Japanese had inserted something technological into my left shoulder which was why it was hurting (and has continued to hurt all day even with the taking of Morphine)..But at that point I was so tired I just agreed.

My blood transfusion is booked for Tuesday next week and I’m having it done at St Michaels hospice so that’ll be a new experience – I’ve been told they are nothing like how you imagine so I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully I’ll feel better by then because I have to stay overnight.

Oh what an easy ride it must be to not be ill.. It’s strange isn’t it that we’re alive and yet there is actual things inside us that are trying to kill us! Design fault right there. Maybe we’ll evolve and not have things like cancer? Who knows.


One Response to “Overwhelming.”

  1. Michelle June 17, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    I find bodies strange and amazing. How they work, how they do stuff.
    I also find it amazing that some people can live with seemingly rarely being ill apart from colds or very minor stuff and then there’s people like me in the middle, with a comstant thing going on (migraines since I was 6, and now bowel problems, thus the poo stuff 🙂 ) and then up at the high end, the likes of you and no doubt, loads of others.
    One day things will be different – but then our bodies will be automated, like cybermen 😉

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