Faux pas.

1 Jun

Ahahhahaa, I just asked someone who they were and it turns out that it was the same person I asked I couple of weeks ago who they were! How rude of me! Has made me chuckle.

I’m wondering whether I should carry a notebook around with me to write down things that I think of to write on here, because through out the day things will happen and I will mentally think to tell you all but then, by the time we get here, I have forgotten and then they never get said! For example, I didn’t say thank you to the kind stranger who rang up whilst I was out, to find out what my address was so that he could send me a £20 donation. I didn’t tell you about the time Colin kicked dad in the face (Colin being the cat and dad’s face being..well..dad’s face) ahahaha, the best thing I’ve ever seen, I’m still laughing now! I forgot to say that ‘I hope your grandma had a wonderful, happy life’ to my cousin when she text me the other day after her grandmumma died (I spent last night thinking of you Kate). I didn’t say thank you to Natalie for all the work she put into the Zumbazumba. I forget to say a lot of things that do need the recognition.. so maybe I will take after my father and carry a notebook with me – although, his is full of lists.


2 Responses to “Faux pas.”

  1. Robin June 1, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    Notebook with at all times, notebook by your bed at all times, this should be a given.

    Not remembering people: I am usually not one to forget a face, but there is this one girl in sweden who is a friend of my girfriends, and its happened about 10 times now, when I see her in the street and I never recognise her, at parties I never remember her, and every time I feel terrible for it as she appears more deflated each time. Perhaps she should get a big tattoo on her face or something, that would help. I just don’t know how to change this on going scenario. She annoys me lots too so perhaps it is something that my sub conscious sorts out for me.

    x x

  2. margaret crisp June 1, 2011 at 11:55 am #

    Hi Rosie, thanks for info regarding Alfie…
    Beware of too many lists – I have a list that I do every evening, working out what I want to do the next day. Then I go through putting them in a logical order, so as to save time when I actually come to do them. There’s always lots on the list, and I enjoy crossing things off, BUT BEWARE: it can stop spontanaity, as you’ve just GOT to complete the list!
    When I was teaching I used to have an obsession with clearing my desk every day…i.e.having to get EVERYTHING done every day, thus nothing put over till next day! This meant I marked EVERY pupils book that I taught in a day, THAT DAY!!!!If I taught 8 lessons a day, that was 8 classes books!!
    Have got to clean windows today, and outside paintwork, then its cleaning car and hoeing……its on my list!!!
    love mags.

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