Top tip.

27 May

This tip is of my mothers mind but of my testing. As any of you who have chemo know, it makes your skin dry and flaky. Now this isn’t fantastic especially if it’s on your head. I have the solution! Rub baby oil all over your scalp before you go to sleep, wash it off in the morning and wahlaaa good as new! Promise! Make sure you sleep on a towel though or else your pillows won’t be good as new. You could even do this if you aren’t having chemo but your scalps still dry. I will warn you though – in the morning, you need to wash it really really thoroughly because, obviously, it’s going to be harder to wash off being water resistant and all.

I’ve spent today using up as little energy as possible because, oh my god, it’s the big day tomorrow! Zumba time! Who’s coming? Can’t wait to see you all there :D! Remember, if you don’t want to Zumba then you can always just come down to watch, eat cake and pick up your free tshirt! 🙂 So see, you can still make your donation if you’re not up for the wiggling.

By the way, yesterday I sent Toby a Musidoku book, which is like Sudoku but using musical notes/signs instead of numbers, aaaand today I (Dad) posted a dashboard polisher. Faaaab.

This time next week I’ll be on holiday! Oh my life, how exciting! Nothing better go wrong between now and I right? Am I right.


4 Responses to “Top tip.”

  1. Robin May 27, 2011 at 5:07 pm #

    Wow that was good thinkin, really glad it works.

    Whenever I go from uk ( moist climate ) to sweden ( dry climate ), within a few hours Im itching away at my bonce. Iv got this stuff now which helps definately but for when it runs out I might give that a try.

    Have no top tips to offer you in return, oh one I remember is that king size mars bar make ideal normal sized mars bars for giants. And likewise, normal size mars bars make ideal fun size mars bars for giants. I suppose using the same kind of thinking, that fun size mars bars make ideal normal sized mars bar for midgets, and normal size mars bars make ideal king size mars bars for midgets, actually this one could run and run.

    Best of luck in the zumbathon Rosie, hope everyone has a great day n you raise a blooming fortune, get them rhino tshirts out n by the time im home to collect mine they will be all the rage


  2. kath May 27, 2011 at 5:09 pm #

    Sorry we won’t be at the Zumbathon. I’ll be at work – that’s what it’s like having a shop!! Have a great time and make lots of money for charity. We’ll be zumbaing in our imaginations.

  3. Coz Al May 27, 2011 at 6:18 pm #

    Zummmbaaa carefully, we want you on holiday so you are DAMN right, nothing better go wrong! Have fun see you Friday!

  4. Sue Trevethan May 29, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    Hi Rosey, guess what i’m having a day in bed today…… having a problem with my hands they think it might be trapped nerves but running test MRI bloods ect u know just incase.

    I was just catching up with your blog and the namming of your shop, What about “knock on” It seems to me that you would hit the road running as everyone knows about “the knock on effect” and you could use your blog / website to market your shop. Just athought or run some sort of comp to get other people ideas? Maybe you want to keep it seprate. I hope you have a fantastic holiday. Sue x PS I went to a meeting at Maggies last week and they are interested in getting involved with us on the Youth Forum!!!!

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