3 May

Here I am, here I ammmm. So I took my laptop with me and there was wifi but you have to pay for it 😦 I’m not paying £3 for 40 minutes of internet! Unbelievable! I will beat the system. There wasn’t really much time to blog anyway, but here I am now 😀

So Saturday we arrived in Sleaford..which I never want to return to..although on Sunday morning we did go to a Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibition there..mighty incongruous. I now want to own my own pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes but we’re a little way off from that at the moment.. Theeen we met our good friend Lin for Sunday lunch and she told me that she has friends reading this so I would like to say hello to Lins friend from Newcastle (was it Newcastle?)…and was your name Grant? I can’t remember 😦 How rude of me..apologies 😦 but hello anyway :D. Ummmm and then we drove to Hull and got ready and went on out to my cousins engagement party – However, I found out this morning that mum squashed the cake we went home with and threw it away..even if it’s squashed it’ll still taste good alright mum? There are a couple of pictures from that – one of Sylvie –

And then a hugely attractive one of me –

Ho ho ho.

So yes, you wouldn’t believe how much I ate over the weekend. I have no idea how much I weigh now though..I couldn’t eat much yesterday but I’m eating well today. Talking of today, I went to Tesco earlier and have decided to start back next week because I figured whilst I’m sorting all my shop stuff out I should make as much money as I can for the moment.

My next column really needs to be in today and obviously the subject is Zumbathon because it’s not that far away now, but I just don’t like what I’ve written at all…. :/ I’m running out of time but I need to write something good!


3 Responses to “Hull.”

  1. celia butler May 3, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

    Sounds like you had a good weekend (even if you did miss out on the cake, must have been serious squashing) and you still look fab even pulling a face! (Lovely pic of Sylvie too, mustn’t leave her out). And very good news on the appetite front, it’s obviously giving you back your energy for all that shop-hunting / planning and going back to work at Tesco’s etc. Don’t overdo it though…x

  2. margaret crisp May 3, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

    Hi Rosie, how about entering the english gurning (face pulling)competition?? Sounds like Hull is not a good place to be!
    We had some excitement here today when John looked down the drive to see a pony coming up the road. We brought it back here where it has been all day, so anyone want a pony approx. 1 year old?? We are trying to trace its owner but so far have had no luck, so it looks as if it’ll be staying here tonight. As we have no horse food as such, John has been giving it breakfast cereal whilst it has plenty of grass to nibble at!
    A busy week here this week as it’s the fete des plantes et de l’artisinat, or plant and craft fair on Sunday which I run. We have about 25 stalls now and are doing ploghman’s lunches this year whilst hitherto we’ve always had breton crepes or pancakes which John and I call crappy crepes!
    Sounds good if you’re thinking of Tesco’s!
    Take care! love mags.

    • jill Clayton May 3, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

      Perhaps the shop could expand to include a “Be Prepared” section. You could have pony food ‘cos you never know if a pony may come trotting up your drive. Great photos of you both. You’ve lost that skeletal look!

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