22 Mar

Oh my, I completely forgot to thank you! Yes it did come through and will be going in the next donation towards the Forget Me Not Trust http://www.forgetmenottrust.co.uk/

I was born in Yorkshire and was told about this charity by my aunty Kath, who lives up there. They provide care and support for children with life-limiting conditions in West Yorkshire areas. At the moment they are building a £2.5mil centre for respite, emergency and end of life care and need all the help they can get to raise the £1.5mil a year it will cost to run. Sounds brilliant to me and is definitely a charity who The Knock on Effect want to support.

If you have any suggestions for charities who you think we should donate to then please email me – theknockoneffect@live.co.uk. Remember that TKOE want to fund-raise for those who support the families and friends of people with cancer or any charity that can lift the spirits of those with this illness.


5 Responses to “Mic!!!”

  1. Robin March 22, 2011 at 5:14 pm #

    These are noble causes indeed. I hate it that more is not done for these people who suffer so much when other less deserving people seem to sometimes get so much. This is not a rant for here or now so I will just shut up!

    Rosie thankyou for the ShakespeareWords list, that is far more than I could have ever hoped to learn about Shakespeare on a Tuesday.

    Sorry about the ( coincidental return of your ) nausea, ( oh sod it go on blame me anyway, il shoulder this one this once ) but you didnt answer my question about whether or not you would like to write a play?

    It can wait until later but then I need an answer. If your busy then by the end of the week latest.

    Id forgotten how much I liked squirrels until this morning, but now I remember. I do not know what triggered this sudden re-awakening but Im just glad it came back to me.


    • theknockoneffect March 22, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

      Mum says she had forgotten how much she liked yogi bear until she went to see it at the cinema with my brother.

      In response to your question (of which you are getting a first rate reply! Well..second rate as this is the second time you’ve asked..) I think I would only like to write a play if a good idea came to me. I did have a dream last week with the most perfect play storyline in it but when I woke up it disappeared.. I want to act in T.V/film anyway and if I wasn’t to do that then I’m more of a director type. But, of course, I wouldn’t say no if a fantastic theatre opportunity came along!

      • Robin March 22, 2011 at 6:20 pm #

        id forgotten how much i liked yogi bear too, until your mum remembered how much she liked him, told you about it and then you told me. I imagine you only told me about it because I remembered how much I like squirrels, and then decided to tell you about it, which then rekindled my love for yogi bear too. Your a hub of something or other but the word evades me, or it never left me and Im just a bit dim and didnt know it in the first place.

        Hang on, yogi bear is on at the cinema, why on earth has no one told me about that, Im pretty sure that loads of people know that I like yogi bear, and I expect them to remember these things, it shouldnt be left up to your mum.

        Oh Im all confused now.

        Anyway, yeah fair play ( no pun intended, its not a pun, leave it Robin, Iv just talked of me as the 3rd person, I hate it when people do that ) so you want to write/direct something one day. Great. Well il wait then.

        If I can give you a little bit of advice based on, ooooh years of mornings worth of forgotten ideas. Always always always always take a pen and a notepad to bed with you, put it on the table next to you, and never again let another idea lie until morning. Sleep has stolen a better world because of people forgetting this simple thing.

        You’ll learn!

        grrrr i hate it when people say that too!


  2. Kath March 22, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    Was really pleased you decided to put The Forget-Me-Not Trust on your list! Hospices always seem to be healthcare’s poor relation and they do such brilliant work.

    Did you see the all-natural ointment called Skin Salvation in the news yesterday? Maybe that would help your dry skin?

  3. Michelle March 22, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

    No worries, and for some reason I only remembered as I had a mail from Paypal.
    I’m a dippy grey at the mo, so worried I’d put the wrong address in, done sommat stupid, you know – well you, being young and clever, probably don’t. But wait till you get to your half centuary year and you have to share your brain with a senile, deaf cat – huh!
    Glad it’s going to a great cause, and if at work they need some more para-psychometric (spelling?) testers, I’ll go for it, and send you the monies 🙂
    I’m confussed by you and Robin, yogi bear, squirrels, what??? Doesn’t help that I’ve had half a glass of beer, Zeus, from British Sea Power.
    Oh well, back to studying. Mic x

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