Dry skin.

19 Mar

I have dry skin on the sides of my nose..it’s painful and stings. My mouth is very sore because we went out last night and I ate a curry that was spice-ier than I thought it was haha!

Mum and me went to ‘On Toast’ today which is a place in the docks where you can get all sorts of stuff to eat that is either on toast or in toast ha! I had a ‘USA’ which was american hot dogs and ketchup, whilst mum had a..oh no I can’t remember something fiery which was leek, cheese and tabasco. They also had mars bar toasties but I didn’t try one today. I will though..
Here’s their website – there isn’t much on it but it tells you where it is 🙂 and the guy who runs it is so nice!!! http://ontoast-uk.com/index.html


2 Responses to “Dry skin.”

  1. margaret crisp March 20, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    Hi Rosie, so now there’s a new delicacy offered in uk to look forward to besides fish snd chips, chinese and indian. There isn’t much convenience food here and we do miss good takeaways!
    Have been to a car boot today and John bought some sort of kettle thing – you put water in it, then when you’re on a long walk, put twigs in the bottom and light it. It has a large mug with it and it carries enough water for two cups of tea. Haven’t sorted out yet what to carry milk in yet….think John bought it as he knows we’ll be walking MILES to get rid of some of this excess weight!!Went for a walk this afternoon, but not a long enough one to christen the kettle, and am just about to do gardening.
    Salad tonight….how much would I give to have the figure to have shop bought fish and chips…with salt and vinegar and tomato sauce, of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love mags.

    • Robin March 20, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

      I just love fish n chips, and i do have the perfect figure for it. Fat.

      mmmmmmmmmmmm fish n chips.

      bet yer glad i shared that with you. I just had to.

      Sorry about yer dry skin on yer nose. Its not my fault but im sorry anyway.


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