Another late night.

17 Mar

I’m tired but wide awake – you know the drill.

I had to come on here and listen to the song in my head (Katy Perry – Circle The Drain, before you start guffawing at me, the reason it’s in there is because my younger sister Sylvie was playing it okaiiii?) and then I think I’m going to read my book (I love you with custard on top – Oonagh O’Hagan).

Holiday planning went terribly wrong because it turns out the boyf actually did have criteria but wasn’t letting me in on it, so things got heated and we left it as ‘not going’..but we had a lovely meal yesterday evening and so it’s probably back on…although neither of us brought it up – young love ey? ;). Robin – I thought of Norway too, we had a lovely family trip there, eating lots of hotdogs and cherries. It’s just such a beautiful place!

I’ve decided that because I’ve got so much free time at the moment, that I may as well teach myself a new language. Is the Rosetta Stone stuff any good?


3 Responses to “Another late night.”

  1. Mike March 17, 2011 at 9:21 am #

    Get the Coffee Break series podcast on iTunes, I can’t remember if you still have an iPod but you can still listen to them on comp. It’s the only one I’ve ever tried so I dunno if it’s good but it’s free and worth a try

  2. Michelle March 17, 2011 at 11:16 am #

    Norway…great place, we did a coastal cruise there 2 years ago, in the winter though. But, if you want a chill out holiday, a costal cruise would be good as you get to see lots of places, have everything done for you, the waters are relative calm and in summer it’s good weather. And it’s light nearly 24 hours!!!
    If you search you could get some great bargains.
    Hope you’re okay.
    I’ve only just got up, went to a gig in London last night, very late night, should have come on line and chatted to you 🙂

  3. Robin March 17, 2011 at 4:37 pm #

    Yeah wow Norway, my favourite place in europe by miles. I live in sweden which is also incredible, but even the swedes have to admit that the Norweigens got the best slice of the land. Not to mention the slice with all of the oil under it which is why everything is ridiculously expensive.

    Learning languages, im not sure about rosetta stone although iv heard good things. What language are u planning to learn?
    Im currently embarking on Swedish, which is a mighty task for me 😦 yikes.

    I lived in spain for a while and although i worked for english people i did ok with spanish and made good progress, vocabulary wise at least, if not grammar particularly, ( like my English! ) but I was interested in it which made it easier to put the effort in. Yet Swedish is not only a dying language, but also everyone speaks amazing english, so its tough to get motivated for it. Yet if I am to stay here then i really should do them the curteousy of getting to grips with it better, as they are very keen on foreigners learning their language, which is understandable.

    I hope u get the trip sorted out, u need a holiday


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