15 Mar

Celia – Meanies! Thank you though – that was very thoughtful! I’ve been looking at your pictures of Izzy in Abu Dhabi..everything looks lovely; baby and all! 🙂 We’re wondering about dropping in on Abu Dhabi when we go on our big family holiday (which we need to save up about 20 years wages for) in the Indian Ocean area.

Mic – OF COURSE I WATCHED BEING HUMAN! Who the hell didn’t?! I thought last weeks ep was better but I still was glued to the screen. However, in the next series (confirmed for next year), I hope they don’t try and replace Mitchell with some rubbish other character and then it doesn’t really work :/ But still excitedddd. RE: Money – you can paypal it to theknockoneffect@live.co.uk where, may I ask, is this money from!? If you have already told me and I’ve forgotten then I’m greatly sorry.

Mags – Was just about to ask where you were but you’ve just this minute written on my last post so it’s okay 🙂

The rest of you – You will have a fantastic day today and just keep being you.


2 Responses to “P.S”

  1. Michelle March 15, 2011 at 7:53 pm #

    I so hope they don’t replace Mitchell with some second rate actor, or even worse, bring him back from the dead.
    I have some issues with some of it, mainly the Herrick stuff, would Herrick have gone with Mitchell like he did? I think not. And I so loved Herrick, one of the best!
    But it was good, one of the better things on TV, I couldn’t read your post (on my mail) last week as was worried it would spoil the penultimate BH, we only watched it last thursday when we got in from Iceland, at nearing midnight! And it was very good. Better than the final.
    As for monies – I emptied my penny money box and got £5 from it, and also did an experiment at work and got paid for it, so I’m donating it to you. That’s it. I’ve just paypal’d it to you now, so you should have it soon. Will you let me know when you’ve got it?
    And, did you see Roger Daltry on the One Show on Friday? He was talking about the Teenage Cancer Trust – very interesting.
    Holiday thoughts, don’t go to Antartica, too cold (I’m not much use am I?)

  2. margaret crisp March 16, 2011 at 4:26 pm #

    Hi Rosie, no I haven’t gone anywhere!!!! Was hoping to come to uk on a quick trip, but it seems a bit of a way off now!! Never mind, will wait and think about it….
    hope you’re having a good day,
    love mags.

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