Sharp exit.

13 Mar

Suppressed appetite day today :/ Really strange because I was hungry all day yesterday but could only eat small amounts at a time. Mum and me went out to Ledbury to see if the car boot was on, but they’ve not started after winter yet so we ended up in the Countrywide cafe. I managed to eat a few chips and about a quarter of a sausage bap for lunch (nutritious I know), but then I started feeling unbelievably ill so we had to make a sharp exit and I worried about throwing up in dads car all the way home.

I have a feeling there was something I wanted to muse over on here with you guys but I can’t remember what it was…Man, I’m getting into this – I just muted Family Guy to think about it.. No, I can’t remember.

Anyway, there was a thing about blogging in the Observer Magazine today – It was interesting. I like blogging. I would also like to mention that I am completely aware that anyone can read this and I’m not embarrassed about anything I’ve written. Some of the people in the article were talking about how they’ve taken posts down because it’s not who they are anymore but, really, that’s what they wanted to say at the time and blogging is like a diary and you can’t edit a diary. Maybe blogging is about wanting social acceptance and putting yourself out in the world to see what people think about you.. Why do I blog? Well it started as a way to get interest in my auction, didn’t it. But now I feel it’s now much more personal than a business venture..I definitely see it as an online journal rather than some carefully crafted entries. Well it’s not carefully crafted is it?! I mean, I let you into my mind the other day ;).


I think that’s what I was going to talk to you about actually haa.


Natalie from work is leaving this week 😦 I didn’t get to work a last shift with her 😦 But we are going to hold a charity Zumbathon. Did I tell you about this yet? You pay a bit for entry, you get a free tshirt and it’s basically Zumba for as little or as long as you want! Natalie will be going all day, let’s see how long you can go! I’ll tell you more details when we’ve sorted it but it’s looking to be about May time. So excited! It’s the next big event!


3 Responses to “Sharp exit.”

  1. celia butler March 14, 2011 at 2:39 pm #

    So glad you don’t have any doubts about your blogging – you are very addictive! Hope the food stayed down…x

  2. Robin March 14, 2011 at 2:49 pm #

    Hey Rosie

    Yeah I think that your blogging is more a journal, and I think you should let us in to your mind more often, its really interesting in there.

    I find it well funny that you are into Family Guy, that is comic genius at times.

    You’re like the best person ever to go out for something to eat with. Well there’s no point in letting it go to waste is there?!


  3. carol lewis March 14, 2011 at 7:43 pm #

    I think your blogging is great & very funny somedays, I sit here reading it smiling & laughing, then my family want to know what I’m laughing at, my reply “just laughing at Rosie”.

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